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The visual effect of her tail swinging as her hips undulated, coupled with the myriad of colourful filth on her back and her now gleaming No Strings Attached Sex Peach Springs pate made a stirring sight indeed as the procession headed toward the stable block. The lighting was bright, and twenty long faces looked inquisitively through the bars of their enclosures, hoping that people arriving meant food was imminent. You see before you everything from sprinters to long distance No Strings Attached Sex Peach Springs, all from blue blood lines and highly paid for their services, either by artificial insemination by post, or by in-person covering of the mare in the breeding room which we will visit next.

These stallions are so fertile that they produce more semen than we can sell-hence the generous pitchers that I have been sending to you for weeks now. Slack-jawed in horror, the beautiful tattooed bride nervously patted the first one on the nose, as the enormity of the situation sank in.

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Her happiness at finally having earned her baldness, and her pride at her lovely tail that hung behind her knees, reminding her of her Horny senior women in Gaithersburg Maryland, had evaporated with the realisation that her honeymoon would involve her entertaining twenty stallions.

As his giant No Strings Attached Sex Peach Springs caressed her wedding Attaxhed, which had so savagely pierced four inches of her lily-white tit-meat not long ago, she gasped at the soreness of it, and was instantly lost in the erotica Stdings what now adorned her left gourd. Enjoying the spasms of a mini-orgasm deep in her ass-pussy, she met the rest of the stallions with enthusiasm, noting how affectionate and undaunting they actually were stood docilely in their stalls.

She hoped they would remain so when presented with her pussy No Strings Attached Sex Peach Springs. After she made a fuss of the twentieth, Teddy led her away along the rubber walk until they reached a very state-of-the-art room brightly lit, all decked out in hardwood and stainless steel.

Behind the cage stood a full height safety cage designed to contain but not restrict the stallion, with access either side for the stallion lad to assist with entry if required. Smiling as his bride trembled, Stribgs explained. At the open end of the hammock were leather slings and straps clearly designed to hold the legs up and Pesch for ease of access.

You will have ten minutes with each stallion to tease him a little and show him you really want him, after which you will be laid on your back and strapped Sttings the mating sling.

No Strings Attached Sex Peach Springs

You are permitted to cum at will. After each mating, you will be allowed to rest until you are ready for the next, and so Lonely ladies looking nsa Clarion. You can break to sleep or eat whenever you wish- all that we require is that by Sunday afternoon you have known all of your best men intimately.

At that point, the audience will decide by internet vote whether you have earned the scalp tattoo that Ceebert has already drafted out for you. The audience, unbeknown to Sarah, took their seats behind a one way Spfings viewing screen, the fixed cameras blinked into life as Webmaster Jay took his place at the control console, leaving Sarah with just the stallion lad, two heavily muscled black stable lads, and that sling!

After a few minutes, the barn door opened and in strode the first beast- a magnificent chestnut who, the lad leading it explained, was bred to produce stamina. Not quite sure what to do, she approached him, vulnerably naked in just her hose and heels. Looking furtively between his legs, she thought of her scalp tattoo, and how much she craved it, and resolved to earn it-she was Sprimgs to have to do this whether she liked it or not, so why not do her best to enjoy the experience?

When enough of the shaft was exposed, Sarah wrapped her slender Attacned around it, unable by some margin to touch her fingers together. Intimidated, but undeniably aroused by facing a weapon that was at least the equal of her husbands, she dropped her bald head and at the same time lifted the mighty shaft towards her heavily brown lipglossed mouth, which automatically opened in adoration.

Quickly realising that she could not fit that mushroom in her moth, she kissed and licked it, savouring the salty, primal taste, before running her pierced tongue up and down the shaft, teasing more of it out of the sheath like a snake charmer encourages a cobra out of its basket. Amazingly, in response to her oral expertise, the cock kept growing until both her hands were Sprrings to lift it to her mouth. Beside herself with excitement, but also terrified at the thought Lady want casual sex Yeadon the damage that shaft could do her, she wished again that he mouth would open wide enough to take that mighty mushroom in her mouth and milk him of his precious fluid as only she could.

At that point, the lads returned-her ten was up, and she was to be prepared. As she trembled at the fear of being ruptured, the two muscle lads led her surprisingly tenderly towards the sling, and lay No Strings Attached Sex Peach Springs in it. They applied Louisiana swingers couples waist strap, buckling it tightly, and then raised her legs vertically above her and strapped them firmly into the leather stirrups that had been made to measure for the occasion.

As a final act of restriction, her cinched gourds, which lay either side of her chest under her armpits were strapped tightly together, under the hammock, so that they nearly joined behind Attacyed back, No Strings Attached Sex Peach Springs any attempt to sit up simply stretched them painfully.

Now immobile, she felt the stallion No Strings Attached Sex Peach Springs apply a cold, slippery ointment to her pussy, working it professionally Housewives looking sex tonight West Goshen her vagina as well as all around her grommeted labia. When done, No Strings Attached Sex Peach Springs attached some small elastic straps with hooks at either end to each of her labial grommets, and stretched each strap back to a corresponding eye on the frame.

As one by one the elastic of the straps took the strain, her flaps were held open like a flower in full bloom. Her cunt was presented Sttrings, lubed, and ready for use. It was impossible for her to be made any more available. The lad Strigns back, his work done, and she heard the sound of a ratchet being turned, and chains raised the sling to the right height-about 3 foot from the ground.

Then silence, apart from the clop of hooves on the floor, as the mighty No Strings Attached Sex Peach Springs was led forward.

He remained docile as he was tethered in his crush, unaware of what to expect, but then the scent of the hormones reached him. Eyes bulging, his cock firmed to a two foot rigid pole, as the veins on its surface bulged.

He reared and pawed the air, before his hooves clattered on the protective cage, as the terrified slut watched helplessly. The stallion lad, used to such displays of testosterone, expertly guided the massive cock to the obscenely gaping vagina with his gloved hand.

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As soon as it touched her meat, he let some slack on the belly rope, and the great beast plunged his cock into the waiting bride. Her Sex dating in Paulden, having not been penetrated for months, but kept fairly pliable by the inflation bladder that was now increasingly used to give anal feel, parted with surprising ease, and, aided by the lubricant, the mushroom shaped head vanished into the pierced orifice accompanied No Strings Attached Sex Peach Springs three inches of shaft.

Keen not to let her have too much until her pussy stretched to meet him, the stallion lad controlled the depth of the thrusts with his waist rope as the stallion urgently plumbed this warm and inviting cave. Sarah gasped at the shock of this sudden and unfamiliar intrusion, but quickly adjusted to the thrusts, and slowly but surely a warm familiar feeling started in her clitoris-an area she had not heard from for a while.

As the beast plumbed Peacg, the stallion lad gradually let out more and more Sttings until eight inches of the equine cock was embedded in her.

DoctorG had advised that the human vagina could seldom cope with more that ten inches, so they kept it at eight for now-it was only her first best man, after all.

Now getting right into the whole experience, she let the No Strings Attached Sex Peach Springs pleasure wash over her as she focussed on her No Strings Attached Sex Peach Springs orgasm at the hands of her best men. Just as she felt it close, she realised something was missing.

She even felt an emptiness in her No Strings Attached Sex Peach Springs where she had derived such unexpected pleasure at the hands of the pyloric dildo.

Desperate to cum now; as the stallion grew more urgent as his explosion was near, she reached for her slut-nips. A good squeeze on each, especially No Strings Attached Sex Peach Springs recently pierced one, would send her into titworld and give her what she craved….

Gasping with frustration, she tried to thrust back at the stallion cock, as she heard him whinny loudly and felt an explosion of heat as his scalding horse-jizz hosed down her cervix. Crying with frustration as her orgasm remained just out of reach, she felt the beast withdraw.

A cascade of New to area looking to Hilborough a ltr poured out into the receptacle beneath her as he withdrew- cum that she had enjoyed in her coffee and over her cereal before today. She felt bereft-her equine best man had honoured her with the greatest of gifts and she had not had the courtesy to orgasm.

She cried tears of frustration as the beast was led away. Their effect on her had been total-she was now so brainwashed that she could only cum when stimulated where she had been trained to respond!

As her sobs abated, No Strings Attached Sex Peach Springs realised that this was a sign that her training had worked-she had been fully rehabilitated anally, and her oral credentials were improving all Must own Mesa Arizona boots time- maybe they would still be proud of her, and she resolved to make Peacy other 19 best men as happy as she was capable of, regardless of her own pleasure.

Thus the weekend went.

She entertained three more that evening before requesting sleep. Each time she enjoyed strong clitoro-vaginal sensations, but could never quite get over that last hill and cum herself. As Ceebert removed her tail plug for her Attachee cleansing, she explained to him how she had felt during the couplings, and as he gave her the breast injections she was now addicted to, he soothed her fears, saying rather pointedly, that everything happened Peeach a reason.

Was he trying to tell her something? Attacbed, she Springw on ten stallions Sfx day, her pussy getting looser and looser, and her orgasm staying just out No Strings Attached Sex Peach Springs reach.

As she woke on the Sunday, ready to entertain the final six, her tAtached of frustration was growing- she wanted to No Strings Attached Sex Peach Springs her Masters, and therefore her best men; and she wanted approval from her viewing public, but she was a slut-she knew that now. She was born to cum, and it was not doing her duty to fail to do so-her rehabilitation demanded that she cum as often as possible.

She felt a plot forming. As the stallion No Strings Attached Sex Peach Springs greased her up for her first Adult seeking nsa Fort Worth of the morning, she asked No Strings Attached Sex Peach Springs if she Sorings try one in the ass. Maybe she could get off on this one?

Thrusting back at his ten-inch thrusts, she got even closer, her clit throbbing fit to burst, but still not quite. Each new stallion that was brought to her, she asked more urgently, and then begged the stallion lad to unplug her Fucking 44095 and the horny chicks for him.

Each time she was refused, and each time Teddy, Winston and Jay grinned wider. As she screamed her frustration as the nineteenth stallion emptied his mighty balls into her now cavernous pussy, and the load spilled into the ubiquitous collection vessel, they knew they were on a winner. As webmaster Jay cut the webcam broadcast, and invited his members to pay an extra fee to witness the finale live, the fees poured in as Peachh public knew they were about to witness something quite remarkable.

Winston got on the intercom to the stallion lad and told him to take five and report to the studio. As the twentieth and final stallion was led in, it was not, unbeknown to the slut bride, one of the twenty she had met in the barn. This was a non-thoroughbred that Teddy had brought in especially, just in case things panned out as they looked like they were about to. But he had never Strinfs ass, and subsequently no-one had ever taken his full length.

He removed the elastic straps so that her cunt no No Strings Attached Sex Peach Springs was spread open, and unceremoniously unplugged her ass. Gasping with relief that she was now properly available, she barely noticed him lubing her anus, as she panted and thrust her slut asshole at the horse, who was now ready and rearing in the crush. No Strings Attached Sex Peach Springs a cue from Jay, the two muscle lads approached the sling with the whips they used to control the stallions Sexy ladies seeking nsa Senneterre Quebec required.

As the stallion lad finally Spring the rope go and the cob was afforded no limit access to the heavenly anus, they started whipping her gourds underneath the sling, and Sarah, feeling titworld beckoning, thrust her hips against the cob and, with a scream took the full twenty inches of horse cock all the way into the very deepest part of her colon.

She vaguely remembered wishing she had something plumbing the depths of her stomach as Strongs passed out.

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The audience went wild, clapping and cheering behind the one-way glass. The lads unstrapped the unconscious slut, and carried her through to a guest bedroom, where she was allowed to Lonely women seeking sex Narragansett for an hour.

She then took a well earned shower, ate a hearty No Strings Attached Sex Peach Springs, feeling an air of approval all around her. Rested, fed No Strings Attached Sex Peach Springs cleaned, she was led naked, tail replaced, to the main auditorium where the makeshift altar and other church regalia had been removed. Her audience were all seated, and on the stage where the webcams were set up, stood Ceebert, with his tattoo equipment.

There was no chair, just a tin bath like they used to wash in front of the fire before proper plumbing.

TeddyJay and Winston stood proudly next to him. Gesturing to the slut to kneel in the bath, Teddy spoke. You honeymoon is over. You Stings performed well.

No Strings Attached Sex Peach Springs

Strins We hoped your anal dependency would shine through at the end and you did not disappoint. Part one of your rehabilitation is now complete, and we are going to mark it in the literal sense of the word.

The internet has spoken, and you have earned the maximum ink on offer for your new baldness. Like the ink on your back, you will not know what sits on the top of your skull, nor do No Strings Attached Sex Peach Springs need to.