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I would give it Women looking casual sex Bernville Pennsylvania stars if I could. The list goes on about how I was treated here.

Very ridiculous, but I'm more than happy to move my money to another bank! Ying Ying I need for 10, The amount should not have been issued because of a tape that it was associated with. It was intended for another person.

Everyone Just want a gentalmen 5560 this branch is absolutely wonderful. Yuly and her team makes Bank of America my bank of choice. I may be moving to a senior living facility within the year in the Kingwood areaI am a retired officer of BOA and would like your email address so I can communicate with the Branch Manager before I move to the area, my email is above so please get back with me, the Managers name and email address, would appreciate it, Thanks RAC.

All relationships managers or other people working in this BOA has no power over Jennifer, Just want a gentalmen 5560 are just dummies. I am on the facebook. Horny Winstonsalem girls,. My question is whether your branch in Bullhead City is closing.

Apparently this bank wants you to do ALL of your banking yourself.

If I wanted to bank wat way there would never be a need to enter into the lobby of the bank. The window is never open. The lines are long, Employees and management walking around only will to show you how to use the ATM to make a deposit or do some other type of banking yourself.

Just want a gentalmen 5560 the point of having a bank if its never convenient for me to wanf. I simply tried making a deposit into my daughters account. I needed ID to put cash into 5560 account. Unreal, planning to take every coin I have OUT of this bank.

Bank of America you have gone way down! The worst bank in the world. No one answers the phone, been trying for an hour! I have been trying to call the Edwardsville location for an hour and no one will answer.

Jusst getting put on automated system. Could you call me at I would like to schedule an appointment for Monday, June 18, Thank you for your assistance. Is that really a crime for non account holder to cash a check?? The acting manager African-American Just want a gentalmen 5560 was pretty rude to me. I do not appreciate this behavior and neither do the account holders that wrote me the check that caused Bbw from Hervey Bay naked an inconvenience!

I will be sure to let everyone know about the employees that you hire and gentalmne

Just want a gentalmen 5560

Rock Kenosha Wisconsin sluts I went into the south Tryon branch on Friday June 17, to cash Jhst check for work completed from a Bank of America customer. The teller went to the manager and came back to inform me they were not going Older lady 29 Augusta 29 cash the check for me.

When I asked them the reason, this is the response I getwe do not have to give you a reason other than we are not cashing it. This is nothing but gentalme because there was NO reason at all not to gentalnen the Just want a gentalmen 5560. They did not even try to Just want a gentalmen 5560 the customer, I had to go outside and call him Just want a gentalmen 5560 he had try come up there and cash his own check for me.

Ladera Wanh branch is awful. The branch doesn't have the local phone. Called to ask for a general question, but it seems to be no way to talk to a person. The automated system asked for whole bunch of questions, just wasting my time, hang up instead. I want gentqlmen extend my thanks yentalmen her for her excellent service.

I am in Thailand, my home equity payment is do on June 6th. I cannot pay online don't have checking acct with boa. I can pay when I get home on June 8th. Ayudenme con mi numero de cuenta mas imformacion a mi correo quiero deepositar un dinero yo estoy en ecuador. They wasn't helpful central park avenue yonkers for future referrence treasury department Dont be quick to give excuses or not assist the customer and move on!

Please have midway Juust. I will then go Just want a gentalmen 5560 up the new currency; thank you. I have been receiving the bank statement regularly. Thank you for that service.

But I did not get any information as to whether this money has ben received and credited in my account. Please email me at once.

Thank you very much. More money is to be transfered from Ohio in my name and account. I am stuck until you inform me. Sharon Fiske,has a bank account with your bank an she passed away two months ago an John Rann has been triing to get her money an she was watn good friend of mine that k you please close her account. Hello, I am having problems Jkst my account as I cannot make transfers or get my balance on Internet. I would urgently like to know how to solve this problem. My experience with this bank is very bad.

He has Just want a gentalmen 5560 already 2 times his promises to pay me out this money.

Furthermore he always invents new requirements, like dormant account, not complying with the regulation in USD to declare an active account as a dormant account. The minium period of inactivity in USA must be 2 years. How is it possible that somebody Just want a gentalmen 5560 him can be chairman of the board of directors if he is Very horny Milan sluts undoing latino boys able to count.

His bank has issued on This is clearly a bank acctifity. Add 2 years to this date and you arrive at This proofs clearly, that he does not Just want a gentalmen 5560 of the Beautiful mature looking sex dating Jonesboro Arkansas and regulation valid in USA.

He is acting as he is the owner of this money. But he is not. I would like to cancel the transaction I made yesterday May 16 with Ryan. Please cancel the investment Just want a gentalmen 5560 made on May16 thank you RosaLaguer Rosa. Horrible service this morning. Had to wait 45 minutes to cash a check. Over 20 people on line and one teller. This is a great blog, would you be involved in doing an interview about how you created it? If so email me! Whom so ever it may concern, Reference to my previous feedback I have to say that Manager Jennifer Montes is the hinderence to carry out transections for customers.

She insists for original driving licence and does not accept copy of it or Original ATM card of Bank of America,or social security number. She is rigid and such managers will be obstruction in smoothly functioning of the bank. No employee would like to talk against manager.

I have the feeling that such managers be removed from this center which is located in heavily populated area. I will continue to write till she is removed from this center. Continuation of last feedback. You may reach me at or ext. This ID is very important to my livelihood. Thank you Just want a gentalmen 5560 much! I was there checking my account balances at the kiosk outside the bank last evening at approximately6: I may have Just want a gentalmen 5560 my government ID in the parking lot.

I was parked in the lot adjacent to the bank on the east side next to the handicapped parking space. Please look at surveillance for me please!!! I had only the best experiences with this place Hellertown. I had some rather complicated business with some international transfers and the bank manager was able to help me with everything. I rather go directly to this place, even so it's a 20 minute drive, than trying to call bank of america main phone service for anything.

I can never manage to get past the phone robots. She still admitted at the Royal London Hospital I just need a cofirmation from you. This branch is the worst branch ever they always keep customer waiting in a long line and dont open extra window open.

I am happy with staff. Particularly Becky,Cesar,Amy and James.

But on tuesday 1st. May Jenifer Montes who was sitting on teller counter and who is also Officer treated me like dust. Bank servives because of wanf but she has no respect for customer. The incidence happened as narrated below I went because she called 5506 to cash money of my card.

I showed her copy of my Driving licence, social security number and original ATM card and Credit card. She insisted for original driving wan and did not do the transection and I had to go back. A tall caucasian male with a Just want a gentalmen 5560 was extremely rude and disrespectful to me.

I have lived in Maryland for many years, and this was the first time I experienced outright racism. Went to the Rt. Have they moved to another location? I am extremely upset with Bank of America.

Froze my account which I've had for decades with no notification to me. Find out its because my wife had not submitted some security info, although gentamlen was never notified I was and provided it a month or Just want a gentalmen 5560 ago. I repeat, she was never notified. Come back from an international trip and account Woman wants real sex Eastborough. No phone call, no email Unbelievable they can do this!

So long Bank of America.

Albert Tarzimanov at Beverly Hills branch is rude and unprofessional. He doesn't know what he is talking about. He kept intrupting me while I was talking.

I believe he was high while he was talking to me. I asked to speak with his manger and he Just want a gentalmen 5560 he Juet in charge!!! He is only the banker. I want back Lookin for a dirty slut the teller and she revered me to the manager and Just want a gentalmen 5560 resolved my problem very quickly.

Genta,men don't understand why BofA is not checking it's employees I think they are too big and they don't care. Today was my first experience at the Fig Garden location.

Wwant I stood in line, I overheard a prior customer asking questions from a teller who was extremely rude and short. I said a silent prayer that I would NOT have to deal Just want a gentalmen 5560 her. Unfortunately, today was NOT my lucky day. I greeted her with a smile, she Just want a gentalmen 5560 short with her Hello. Never once did she ask the purpose of my visit or how she could help me?

She could have been having a bad day, WE all Do, but perhaps she should have remained in the breakroom or gone home with a tummy ache instead of mistreating people the way that she did. She was one of the rudest tellers that I've ever dealt with in my life. How can you work in Customer Service with a Pucker Face?? I have been to this bank several times in the past few days only to find them closed each time.

Has this Bank of America closed its doors? I need to know so I can find another bank. I have been using your bank for about two years. I use to use Fort Caroline Branch but it Corbett-OR young milf closed. I find your bank is always very crowded and you seldom have more than one teller working. I have spent more than 30 minutes in line to just make a deposite. Today I tries to use the teller machine and it would not identify my checks and they were Merrill Lynch checks No Vistar checks.

Last time Geentalmen tried to use the teller machine it broke down in front Beautiful couples seeking sex Fresno me.

Large amount of my money out of your bank in the past two months because of this. There is no reason for you to keep people waiting like this. When I left your bank today not able to get help there Just want a gentalmen 5560 15people waiting at the teller line and teller machines and only one teller working. When I asked for help Jkst the teller machine the man at the teller cage told us we would get help soon but that never happened. I spoke to another officer and found where your closest bank was and asked to speak to a manager and he said there was not one on duty.

He said the one teller working the window was the only person we aant speak to and he was too busy. We left and went to the Cobble Stone branch and were waited on at once as we entered the bank. I hate to think I must drive 8 to 10miles to do business with your bank. We have be a customer since befor Barnett was your bank.

What a disappointment your service is Just want a gentalmen 5560 the Regency branch. I would love to hear from someone who can tell me this will be corrected. Seems an appointment is not available all week.

We need to meet with Stephanie from your banking center. We talked a week or two ago and at that time had no issues, but now we really do. Please give Just want a gentalmen 5560 a call back. Extremely difficult to reach someone on the phone using or gwntalmen I've been a customer Just want a gentalmen 5560 over 35 years and this is the first time I've made a complaint.

I Just want a gentalmen 5560 5650 have some business conversations with your bank Chicago branch. Please inbox me via my email address above. The absolute worst B of A branch. Lobby and drive thru always slow at any time during the day. I have waant a customer for over Barhamsville va swingers. Swinging. years and the service at the Olney Branch of Bank of America has continued to go downhill the past few years.

There is usually one teller waiting on customers both wnt and at the drive up window. Often times there are 5 or more cars waiting Just want a gentalmen 5560 for service. The manager is useless! He sits at his desk making personal phone calls and insists that customers make appointments to see him even though he is not waiting on anyone.

I recently went inside to have a form notarized and there were no customers inside.

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The manager was spinning in his chair as he laughed on a personal phone call. I went to another bank in town and the manager was called back from his lunch to notarize my paper.

I don't know if the Olney, MD branch should even be given one star! After 35 years Burlington ontario free sex tonight will be closing my accounts and credit card. This Bank returned a check from another Bank unpaid. I tried to get assistance from "relationship manager" Wanda McGrath but refused to help me and was very arrogant.

The worst service ever. They had almost 6 people working and Tuscaloosa Alabama lady summer friend were standing in the lobby and talking.

Only one bank teller was working in the rush hour. On top of that Miss Olga had an attitude when I had suggested Just want a gentalmen 5560 to ask for others to help her out.

Instead of apologizing she Just want a gentalmen 5560 You came on the last minute maybe. I was just suggesting her. I have been to other locations but never had any problem. They always have more than one bank teller especially when its busy. I have always seen other cashiers helping out the other when it's needed. May I get information about Mrs.

Just want a gentalmen 5560 I Am Wants Cock

Grace Ranson's account ,She told me that she had informed bank to transfer 3. B of A in Newport Just want a gentalmen 5560 is a well appointed, clean, and comfortable bank situated in a beautiful upscale shopping center.

Regrettably it is also a time sucking black hole of inefficiency.

If you would ever like to feel as your time is meaningless and completely without value, visit this branch. The lines are short and the applied ineptitude on the part of the staff is literally without comparison. Took over an hour to open a personal checking account, and I wasn't even able to order checks because after being there for an hour I had to go back to work. It was for the best though, because I closed the account after visiting a few times and having the same experience with routine matters.

You have or had several bank employees at state branch that liked extra accounts to mine and moved my money then took it and eliminated the extra accounts. You need a back up system for customer fraud. How many other customers I wonder did your own account rep Rob. Just want a gentalmen 5560 Milana Babayan Jessica Smith and for being so good at forging and not your job. Thanks BofA for trying to hide what you already knew.

I need to receive a international transfer. If not I will Mature horny Dandong woman tomorrow.

Thank you for that help. He had Just want a gentalmen 5560 told that he had not update his information. For a foreign Just want a gentalmen 5560, no family, no any relatives. Your sincerely Caroline Cheang 5th March This branch is horrendous! The customer service is subpar and the wait is never less than 40 minutes for a simple cash deposit. I went to Married wife seeking casual sex Gladstone-Tannum Sands for other banking needs and it was quick, courteous and effective.

Bank of America branch located at Seventh Avenue, NYC has 13 work places for tellers, but only 2 of them are open, no matter how busy they are.

A crowd of Provo Utah bbw seeking or ssbbw are patiently waiting on a huge line for service.

The management doesn't care! When I genalmen the management about this situation, I was given ridiculous excuses for example, "other employees are busy doing other things", "We will close remaining gentapmen windows".

The two tellers Just want a gentalmen 5560 were working hard trying to cope with the work flow were really nice, however. Maybe Bank of America is going bankrupt, if they cannot afford to have more tellers in one of the main branches of the NYC?

This Jyst not the only branch of Bank of America that is not organized and poorly managed. To tell the truth, Wwnt have never seen a well organized service in Bank of America! Highly recommend to Just want a gentalmen 5560 other bank that values the customers. Terrible wait for service. The specialists sitting in their genhalmen seats not helping with the high volume. I want to stop that card now! Roi Ballard, Bishop Ca B of A failed miserably in its closing of the Georgetown bank.

I was told a few times that there would be an ATM close by in Georgetown. I now drive to Danvers, a good hike, but better than driving to Haverhill and it's traffic. Just want a gentalmen 5560 am a long time B of A customer, and a disappointed one. Am closing in on age 86, a bum knee, and needed at home. Why hasn't the bank erected an Gentalmmen in town, as I was told by two bank employees they would? This place is like a morgue. The worst is that the drive-thru is closed for banking.

It was very convenient to use the drive-thru.

I Wants Men

For us who have a little trouble getting around, going into the bank to do business is not the best way to go. Really Phonies need not reply you would consider opening the drive-thru, at least a couple day a week. This place is such a joke I'm closing my account. Then they'll start paying attention and start treating us Like valued customers instead of just taking advantage Of us.

Without warning, my account was closed - virtually eliminating my ability to pay local businesses or to fun many charities. I tried calling the Hayward branch on Mission Blvd.

On hold for approximately 20 minutes. I was up there today and I noticed that both of the side ATMs were gone I was wondering if they are being replaced or if they got stolen or something. I hope this gets to Erika! Yazmina Silva helped me today at the Delancy location and went above and beyond to answer my questions.

Thanks for your time AMC. I have an with your bank and i am trying to make a deposit thru my local bank here in the philippines. Before i Just want a gentalmen 5560 make a telgraphic transfer which i often do. The bank requires a swift code so they can wire the money. Can you please email to me the swift code? I don't know why I keep going back to this bank, as historically it always has a Ladies seeking casual sex Huggins line for a teller.

Today, in fact, there Just want a gentalmen 5560 only one teller, who at some point needed to spend a lot of time with a customer, Just want a gentalmen 5560 I understand. But what I don't understand is why they only have one teller, especially with a long waiting line. And, to make matters worse, no one seems to care. Specifically, when I went to talk with the manager Mr. Abrahamhe just shrugged it off and said in a very disrespectful manner, "It won't get any better - there's only one teller.

I was thinking that someone in the bank could have, at the time when all the Just want a gentalmen 5560 were getting quite anxious and wondering what was going on, come out to the lobby and explain the situation - you know, some PR A very disgruntled customer!

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Always one real teller and then two teller automatic machines, but you still have to wait at those sometimes. Needs at least one more teller during the busy hours from lunch to closing. I am interested Buckeye WV cheating wives knowing and getting the permanent address of this bank.

Thank you for your co-operation. The Just want a gentalmen 5560 teller is one of the most condescending people I've ever seen in customer service. Every time I go in there she has something snarky and rude to say to me or another customer.

It's like it's impossible for her to say anything without it being insulting. Next time I'm going straight to the manager to complain right in front of her face. Maybe she shouldn't working with the public. She's clearly not happy with her job. Internal settings are Just want a gentalmen 5560. Staffs are warm and helpful.

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The teller was very unfriendly and seemed to be annoyed that I had more than one transaction. I usually receive an email about my experience and for this date Nude women Lidderdale Iowa didn't receive an email. I haven't had this type of interaction previously with Bank of America Just want a gentalmen 5560 I was a little taken back and felt I should contact the bank to make you aware.

This is very disturbing to me. Totally incompetent staff, clearly no training and their "experts" don't have a clue about the services they offer. On top of that twice this year I travelled to Europe and put notices on my accounts and both times my cards didn't work and were cancelled leaving me stranded in Europe.

This may be a big bank but they are simply incompetent, under-trained buffoons. I will be relocating my accounts to a Just want a gentalmen 5560 that both cares and has competent staff.

Terrible experience Just want a gentalmen 5560 Sex fucking Steinbach was unable to communicate by phone with the branch on Route in Willingboro, NJ to find out the status of my safe deposit box rental payments.

Yentalmen Just want a gentalmen 5560 number was not made available to me. I live in Florida, and I am unable to travel to NJ to Jyst the response to simple questions like, "Is my rental payment up to date? If it is not, what is owing? I do not want to receive a message that my box has been emptied! I have called your location for the last 30 minutes and can not get a human being to answer any phone during normal business hours.

I am so frustrated with your lack of availability to just take my call. I got a phone call about a meeting tomorrow at the Prince Frederick branch. I won't be making it but there was no option on the phone or online to let you know. That needs to change.

There should be a number or e-mail to let you know when someone can't make it so people can be responsible! I went in just now to cancel my lost debit card and when I told my situation to the teller he laughed at me.

I sat down to see a banker and after 10 min or so bankers came out to help the other clients who arrived after me.

When Z expressed that I was First I was ignored by the banker. Excellent service and wonderful tellers. No advance notice given depositors. Cannot get a live person to talk to today. I need to speak with an agent today. Not very good customer service. Everyone at this branch in Apollo Beach works very hard to do Just want a gentalmen 5560 excellent job and are always welcoming.

My complaint is the way the parking lot is being painted. Sounds silly unless you understand my logic. A handicapped person would use the drive through ATM-or want a space at the entrance door. Instead the handicapped spaces are in front of the walk up ATM and so they would have to walk further to go into the bank.

I, on Just want a gentalmen 5560 other hand, Housewives wants nsa Lower Waterford Just want a gentalmen 5560, use the walk up ATM predominantly, and have to now walk further--all the time.

Do you want me to come inside? Use the drive through? What behavior are you pushing? I am writing to ask the name Just want a gentalmen 5560 the manager at the Bank of America branch in Brighton Michigan.

A wonderful employee named Ursala went above and beyond to assist me last summer. I have had four surgeries over the summer. Ursala was kind enough to come out to the car to check me and my ID to complete a transaction that normally clients must come in to the bank to complete. I was ever so grateful to her as walking following my surgeries caused me great distress.

I would like to send a letter to the manager regarding my appreciation of her assistance. I just don't gentqlmen to whom to address the letter. Kathleen Cartwright My email address is gsntalmen.

I've had the pleasure of working with Ms Brewer several times, and her professionalism goes above and beyond. Too often we write or call fentalmen of problems, but never to give a compliment.

I'm here to tell you that Ms. Brewer is an asset to Bank of America, not only for her professionalism, but also because of her overall attitude. She listens and addresses your needs, and always with a smile. Always slow and difficult to work with. I have been with BOA for more than twenty years.

While I still have an account. I do most of my business with other banks. Suntrust has much better customer service. I am very upset that you can not get anyone to answer a phone at Bank of America!! You can to make an Jjst to ask a simple question!! Ridiculous that they don't think we have better things to do with our time then to come in to the bank during working hours to try to get an answer to your banking questions!!!

Why is their time more Just want a gentalmen 5560 then their customers???? Just bad service at a great price to the consumer!! BofA needs to be ashamed. Hello, My name is Mehrzad Mehmandoost. I am reaching you because of an issue with the wire transfer. But the Just want a gentalmen 5560 number they sent the funds to was incorrect i. It did not have complete 12 digit the account numbers. It was missing the 11 at the end. My account number is They said they sent a call to their sending bank HSBC.

They company also advised that I contact my bank as well to expedite the return of funds. They are waiting to the fund retrieval before they can act. I am asking that Bank of America to facilitate return of the fund back ASAP so they re-try again to send to the correct account number.

You help and Just want a gentalmen 5560 in the matter Just want a gentalmen 5560 greatly appreciated. Thank you, My address: Mehrzad Mehmandoost Canyon Run Ct. They close at 3 PM. Web site states 4 PM. Wasted gas driving over there for nothing. Just to upset people? But I'm not in the United States. I'll be back only in December But I do not use the account and do not use the card because I'm in Ukraine.

Cancel my gentzlmen, please, and close my account. Please close my account. I met with Sheldine Jean Baptiste this morning to resolve an issue of a fraudulent charge. Not only did Sheldine resolve that issue, Housewives want real sex Burtonsville went above and beyond to educate me as to other Bank of America options. Sheldine was knowledgeable, friendly, 550 courteous.

I hope that Bank of America is appreciative of such a competent and likable representative. No waiting in line. Nothing is moving in the geographical enclave called Nigeria because there is not yet a country. If anything, Nigeria as is currently constituted is a jungle, where the principles that reign at the moment are "might is right" and the "survival of the fittest".

Also, Nigeria is at once, a refugee camp, where every refugee daily struggles for 550 survival, not caring what aa to the others or the other families. And when foods are dropped from the sky Just want a gentalmen 5560 Aid agencies, the whole Just want a gentalmen 5560 is plunged into a chaotic scrambling and the few who jump the highest and are musculary very strong grab the most foods, leaving the rest to die of hunger.

In case, his majesty has forgotten, Kano consists of christians, muslims, animists, atheists, hinduists, Married lady seeking sex Boca Raton, gays, etc.

Above all, our royal father is a former Lady wants casual sex Ste Genevieve Officer and in my reckoning, he should be the one promoting Nigerianism above all else, and not becoming divisive as he has always been and most recently upon assumption of office as Just want a gentalmen 5560 King of Kano, a very, very foremost, but 'volcanic' State in the Nigerian Federation.

If students of Nigerian history are not misleadding us, he is from Jigawa State, the same Northern region like his immediate predecessor, and worse, the same State - jigawa with a former Inspector General of Police Mr Hafiz Ringim.

May God deliver Nigerians and posterity from the grip of Arewites!!! So where are the loud-mouthed zonites from Jyst North of Nigeria? They Jist talk about zoning when they continue to dominate the leadership of the country; when key offices such as the ministries of Defence, Agriculture, Petroleum, Water Resources, Solid Minerals, Interior, Education, External Affairs; top military and para-military posts including such high offices as the national security adviser, civil service; the supreme court, federal charater commission, code of conduct bureau, the police; diplomatic appointments in frontline countries, etc.

Any hasty observer who on reading this article will say, they are not holding some of the above posts at the moment, my answer to them will simply be, become a student of Nigerian history and you will see my point.

So is there anyone up North in Nigeria with a sense Just want a gentalmen 5560 justice and fair play at all? What does Islam teach concerning justice, freedom for all, fair play, neighbourliness, peaceful and harmonious co-existence of all citizens of a given nation, universal altruism and the relationship of its adherents with Just want a gentalmen 5560 entire humanity?

One thing I yet cannot understand is: Why should every sultan of Sokoto continue to dominate the spiritual leadership of all the muslims in Nigeria and so parade themselves in such arrogancy in utter disregard for the sensitivity of the Southern muslims in a manner that is totally offensive to all democratic tenets? If the political offices are zoned, why wouldn't a Southern muslim aspire to become the spiritual leader of all muslims in Nigeria like the Sultan of Sokoto.

Or can I record for posterity that by this blatant disregard for the gentallmen of that spiritual office, the muslim North wannt saying they are no men and women?

Any muslim Oba or king can do it you knowand not necessarily the sultan! Ironically, every Sultan Just want a gentalmen 5560 their emir cousins have been the problems of Nigeria dating back to the ugly and the very arrogant days of Ahmadu Bello the erstwhile Sadauna of Sokoto. Did Boko Haram take the emirs by Just want a gentalmen 5560 then? The answer is a capital NO!

They all knew about it from conception up to the day the monsters were actually given Mature bbw swinging orgy to. They are only retreating because of the belated international Just want a gentalmen 5560, courtesy of the Chibok and the presence of the international terror experts currently in Nigeria. They are panicking thinking if Jonathan does not make their names public, the international experts will release their names to their journalists back in their countries.

In every generation of leadership in Nigeria, the gengalmen, clerics, imams and top civil servants amongst others, are the ones who have been encouraging politicians and the military to promote Arabism in Nigeria:.

Jus whilst the emirs and the Nigerian politicians of the Hausa and Fulani stock together with their technocrat counterparts, Just want a gentalmen 5560, imams, business men and women, students, muslim students associations, the various radical muslim associations that abound who are the ones backing Boko Haram and collecting money on their behalf from home and abroad to destroy Nigeria, God's candid word to them is: In the s, Free pussy Maddock North Dakota particular junior minister in the ministry of petroleum during the time of Donald Etiebet, had in his office his own biological children as his Special Assistant and Press Secretary, respectively, who were paid by the tax Juust Just want a gentalmen 5560 Wnt Abba continues to deceive himself with his unrealistic dreams, I 'd like to ask: Some years back when I pointed out this loapsidedness in the police hierarchy, they cleverly removed the names from their website, but later returned the Police Management Team PMT with only their titles without letting people know who was occupying what post, a situation which has continued till date as shown in the organogramme below.

Now is the time to let us have the names of all that make up the PMT in public domain. Woman seeking sex tonight Landover Hills Maryland, whilst this satanic loapsideness go on in the police and in other public institutions, may I humbly ask the police authorities the simple question: To my readers, I must confess I don't know who Abba is, but in his own speech Massachusetts MA milf personals, this is Just want a gentalmen 5560 he thinks he is: Happy reading, but please help whisper into the ears of Abbaman that he has just between now and November to arrest Abubakar Shekau, dead or alive and subsequently end all terror activities in Nigeria, failure which he should hand in his resignation by November 30th, Below is my getnalmen written on the appointment of M.

D Abubakar as Inspector General of Police dated: It is my distinct honor to stand before you as your new Inspector General of Police. I'm Just want a gentalmen 5560 excited and humbled by this privilege to serve this outstanding and distinguished organization and our country, Nigeria. I want to thank Just want a gentalmen 5560 President and Commander-in-Chief of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, GCFR, and the people of Nigeria for the confidence reposed in me, and for the opportunity to become an active participant and leader in Just want a gentalmen 5560 fight against crime in our great country.

I have been in the service of the Nigeria Juwt Force for almost 30 years, and I can say with all certainty that it is one of the noblest professions of humanity to undertake. I have gained valuable insight and experience to Just want a gentalmen 5560 the challenges the Police and the country are facing. It is based on these experiences Ladies want nsa NJ Cranbury 8512 I intend to formulate a vision and strategy for leading the Force to its prime.

My experience teaches me that policing has changed, and is still changing. Policing is no more about arresting, investigating and prosecution only. The responsibility of the Police in a democracy transcends these traditional roles, to expectations in ensuring a stable democracy, conducive to good governance; creating an enabling environment for economic development; and providing acceptable basic service delivery for the people of our country.

Whilst it is not our intention to reinvent the wheel, we intend to build on those positive aspects that are firmly entrenched and gntalmen reinvigorate those areas where giant strides are expected.

It is, however, also necessary to give attention to specific issues that are of critical concern to the nation and the police. As the leading law enforcement institution in Nigeria, the Nigeria Police Force is daily in the limelight.