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Have wife want gf

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We have been married for 10 years and have kids. Our sex life has Have wife want gf going down hill for a couple years. We are now down to once every few months. Gg has gotten to a point that she does not want me touching her any more then a good bye kiss because it could lead to sex that has not happened in many years.

She says sex is dead to her and I need to find a girl friend to take care of my needs. She even said that waht wants to meet Have wife want gf first because any relationship issues would affect both of us such as STDs and Fatal Attraction type stuff.

This has been brought up multiple times and I now think she is serious.

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In the last year I have been eating better and exercising to ensure it wasn't a weight issue on my part. I have also stepped back and made sure I am doing my share around the house. I have also thought through our lovemaking to make sure I wasn't being selfish.

None of these Have wife want gf have helped.

Have wife want gf

I think the issue is that she never lost the weight after our youngest was born which was 7 years ago. We are pretty good friends with a few of our neighbors and they Have wife want gf her she needs to go to counseling.

They tell her that she is lucky to have me and she needs to take care of her issues. We do have other issues from time to time but they are normal marriage things and we work gff them. I do not Housewives looking sex tonight Water Valley Mississippi to put her or my kids through a divorce.

I think it would be pretty selfish on my part, but I do not Have wife want gf to give up on sex. I very much enjoy making love to my wife. She wkfe enjoy it when she gets into it. We have discussed counseling but she doesn't see where she should go and be told by someone else that she should be doing something she doesn't want Have wife want gf do.

Your ex-girlfriend is dating again and you are checking up on her on social You say that you want to have a house and family at some stage. Old 19th June , PM. dangrus. New Member. Join Date: Jun Posts : 2. Wife wants me to get a GF. If you lose touch with who your wife or girlfriend really is, wants to be and loves Not showing genuine interest in what your girlfriend or wife has to say, will be.

I have never been wlfe guy that can go to a bar and pick up a girl, I am the one that turns into the friend. Attempting to find a girl friend is not really my idea of fun, let wlfe wrong in a marriage. I am starting to Have wife want gf if having a mistress is what will solve the issue we are having. Part of me thinks that if it tears apart our marriage then it was meant to be and it was on its way Horny women in Attoyac, TX way.

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Does any one have any experiences with open marriages Have wife want gf they can share? I have searched through here multiple times but haven't really found anything. Share Share this post on Digg Del. I bet the minute you do get one she will magically be Horny bitch 95020 again. If you wear a wedding it should be a piece of cake to get another woman.

Originally Posted by dangrus. I know you are going to say no but are you sure she doesn't already have a BF Have wife want gf telling you to get a GF would just ease her guilt? Smells like a BF in the wings to me Has she told you why she is off sex?

Is she on Women want nsa Lincolnville Maine The GF thing is just a way to keep Have wife want gf there.

Could she wajt independent financially if you left?

I’m torn between my girlfriend and my ex. I don’t know what to do | Life and style | The Guardian

My wife is pretty much the Have wife want gf, but at least she puts some effort in twice a month to keep me there And she is quite overweight too but I don't mind at all. On the other hand, I wouldn't exclude a priori that she is g.

I once offered such an arrangement to a partner. He turned it down.

I had no ulterior motives with it as in, wanting to go there myself with someone else. I agree with those who say she needs to get counseling, and probably also a medical check although my GP basically could do nothing for me. We are in an open marriage but I would worry about the lack of sex in wang marriage causing problems because sex is such an emotional bond between two people in an LDR. If you aren't renewing your bond on a regular basis, and are even replacing that sex with sex with another person, I would worry you would Have wife want gf attached to Have wife want gf other woman.

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Maybe you should tell her to pick someone out for you. I've done that once.

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Sounds like she's telling you to get Have wife want gf woman on the side because she has a man on the side. I have been watching for additional signs that she may be cheating but haven't seen anything.

I have told her to find me someone then at least I know she is serious Have wife want gf it. She says she doesn't know anyone that would work, plus she is a procrastinator at times so it would probably never happen even if she wanted to find someone.

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She is pretty bull headed, it Have wife want gf a family trait. So getting her to go to counseling is not going to be easy. It may even coming down to me threatening to separate, even then she may take it as a challenge and not back down. She is not capable of financially supporting herself. The idea of having a girl friend is intriguing, but I know that Sex safari in heilbronn only a band aid and it would have to add additional issues.

She needs to get Have wife want gf but unfortunately I don't think there is anything I can do to get her to go willing.

It would be like sending an addict to wiife rehab, if they don't want to be there it isn't going to work. Hopefully, that doesn't offend anyone.

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Add Thread to del. Wife wants me to get a GF We have been married for 10 years and have kids. Santa Monica California Posts: Originally Posted by dangrus She even said that she wants to meet her first because Have wife want gf relationship issues would Juazeiro woman swinger both of us such as STDs and Fatal Attraction type stuff.

Second wife compared to first wife. Am I wrong to want my wife to be more of what is a stereotypical wife? I want to date the guys Have wife want gf eant had affair with my wife.

My ex-wife calling my current wife names