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Germantown TN sexy women

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I live in Pierce County, WA. Help me get these asses to do their jobs by pounding the hell out of them in Germantown TN sexy women at their site: I am sick and tired of "Animal Uncontrol" in this state and in this county in particular.

Germantown TN sexy women

I understand your frustration, Anonymous. This is a very serious problem A life or death problem, and I Germantown TN sexy women don't believe that those who have managed to get in power in the "Animal control Profession" care that people and pets get maimed and killed.

I have observed that when police departments run animal control, GGermantown appear to be focused on protecting citizens; otherwise, when a board runs animal control, it appears to be a "SOCIAL NETWORK" with fund raisers and dress-up parties for pits.

In our case, we went to court for 4 dogs barking all during the night and lunging and ssexy at us everytime we stepped out our back door. In your situation where animal control is run by a County Germantown TN sexy women Please have courage to speak up and if you can, help me to understand the history of how your animal control Honestly black female to be run by the auditor.

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Regarding your fight against your neighbor's barking dogs, I sympathize. I don't think there's anything Germantown TN sexy women civilized and more unneighborly than allowing your dogs to disturb your neighbors' peace, short of criminal activity.

Somehow, in the course of Germanyown life, Animal Control has turned into Animal Protection.

Whereas, I understand the need to protect domesticated animals, people need protection FROM them as well.

Not sure how to change this around; all I can do is complain at whatever government group I can find.

The Sheriff's office refused to take it, though that made the best sense, so it got stuck under the Auditor's office because they were in charge of enforcing pet licensing. Obviously, that's not Germantown TN sexy women well.

Anyway, I'll dig around to see if I can find actual records of the decision and the logic behind it. I was only marginally aware of the switchover when it happened. If I find anything, I'll let you know.

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I am flabbergasted at the idiot's comments that it would be punitive. That's exactly what it's supposed to be.

The Germantwn punitive damages are Germantown TN sexy women is to punish wrong doers in a meaningful way in addition to real damages. The woman needs to retain good council and tear the irresponsible owner and incompetent government a new one.

The residents should also look at a class action to compel their government to act to protect the citizens.

They may want to examine the misfeasance, malfeasance and nonfeasance of office aspects as Germantown TN sexy women. I'm womenn there are consequences when a person in charge with public safety I hope the owner of Bubbles sues the city, since their inept personal has impeded on her justice. I'm also praying for Bubbles, what a beautiful dog, I love Chow mixes of course.

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My chow Braunton webcam chatting wasn't so lucky. Thanks to whatever powers that be that Germantown TN sexy women nosey neighbour did, otherwise, the attack on my child would have been woemn pit's first recorded incident, and who knows what frigging animal recyclers would have stood up for that mutt. Maybe the pinky sleepy juice wouldn't have made it's way into the mutant?

I agree Tropical storm, time for victims to grow they thick skin they need and stop allowing these types of injustices to continue. I posted this on Craven this morning, thought I would Germantown TN sexy women it here.

Go figure pit bulls get a pass, but horses confiscated by Pierce counties "rescues" get deemed "dangerous" and are euthanized.

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Safer to be a pit bull in Pierce county then a horse. So Esxy find it impossible that Pierce County is apparently over run with dangerous horses.

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Of the two horses I have had I would qualify as dangerous one was due to a low thyroid who's temperament was "cured" with medication. Which just leaves me Germantown TN sexy women one bad horse out of hundreds upon hundreds including many dozen stallions.

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I sure wish Pierce County animal Uncontrol would focus their attention on dangerous dogs instead. Germantoan would almost hazard a guess that in recent time more horses have been put Germantown TN sexy women for being dangerous in Pierce County then dogs. Germantown TN sexy women bet no other County has such a record. Thick skin helps but a real "pitbull" of wome lawyer would help even more. You have to start hauling these assholes into court and stripping them of assets.

I doubt they want their behavior splashed all over the news either.

I'm sure there are good lawyers there who will go after these assholes fee Germanton. Just don't let it go, it will keep happening.

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As an equestrian I find that incomprehensible. I could understand euthanasia due to lack of proper, responsible homes but dangerous?

These people need a strong dose of reality. Posted by Decatur AL livin nt to 4 pits at Newer Post Older Post Home.