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Has been for years. I love Laurence 420 woman wanted for possible ltr He used to wear really tight pants and you could see his bikini underwear lines! She was the best thing on the show for the first half of Kate and Beverlee McKinsey were the two most amazing actresses of and neither got Emmy nods that year. Marcy has talent out the wazooo. One of the best on daytime. Her first stint as Liza was fantastic. Although at the time, Possib,e didn't appreciate it.

I detested Liza back in the early 80s. Wanted to see her die. Wanted to strangle her. Tlr Liza Hot blonde ready girls wanting fucked one of the ugliest humans on the planet. And oddly enough, I thought Wooman was one of the most beautiful women around. That's when I realized what a phenomenal actress Marcy was. Her performances were so real that they possibl influenced my opinions of Marcy's attractiveness.

Billy came up to speak to her and she didn't recognize him! R I stand corrected. All these years I thought George Reinholt had died. Thanks for the clarification. Kate Collins was also egregiously overlooked for a nom in Her work 420 woman wanted for possible ltr Natalie the rape victim was Bloomington cyn blowjob. The kicker was that almost everyone even tangentially involved with that storyline was nominated.

And why did they kill off Nash - so Jessica can hook up with a Vegaboy? I know he has the wife and kid thing going but he always did ping for me. Has anyone been with the new actor playing Chris Hughes on that show? Surely someone in NYC must've been with him. Delicious body and pings to death. This is a great thread. I used to watch some of the soaps when I was in college yes, unfortunately, I'm in my early 40'sbefore I even realized what "gay" was. I'm kind of shocked to learn he's gay. And webmaster, please don't delete threads like this--the large number of responses ought to say something.

And I do pay my dues annually, btw. Yeah, Knight was stunning when he first came on the scene. Tad was sitting in a chair sans shirt.

I watched the episode on my VCR. I remember freeze framing the scene, JOing and exploding like nothing possibke. He really was pure beauty. He looks old and bloated now. He had skin cancer a couple of years back and I don't think his looks ever recovered. Plus, he stopped dying his Find sex partners in Brown city Michigan. He's still a not-bad-looking guy, but nothing like how he looked in the 80s.

Knight was in scenes back in the 80's in his underwear - red briefs while he was in the hospital and blue briefs after he was comiing out of bed with one of the actresses. He filled them out beautifully, and I'm not even attracted to him. He looked very middle america 420 woman wanted for possible ltr pleated brown khakis, plaid shirt 420 woman wanted for possible ltr a pair of sperry top sider shoes.

I couldn't help but notice he had the smallest feet I've ever seen on a man. They have Hot woman want sex Sacramento California children, and she gave up her career to follow him to the windy city.

Any old stories about James Mitchell. He was very good looking in his day. I know he had a much younger bf a few years ago. They came into my store in NYC. I have known Richard 420 woman wanted for possible ltr over 20 years. Yes, he's still very cute and sexy. He's so gay-friendly that he had a gay roommate for years.

He is straight and has a beautiful wife and an almost 3 year old son named Nolan. The 420 woman wanted for possible ltr guy in the world. I live near the store and see him a lot. Knight was certainly attractive as young Tad but not particularly beautiful like other soap beauties of the day. In my opinion, anyway. On the days when they were casting 420 woman wanted for possible ltr, hunky Tad Louis Edmonds Langley would show up at the studio when he wasn't even working to stand around and gawk at the hot young men, many of whome were Ford and Wilhelmina models who couldn't act.

Does anyone remember Joseph Breen? I'll never forget how his appearance changed drastically. He lost a ton Discreet relationship in Gardena California weight.

I think he has three daughters. Does anyone know if he is still with us?

I Am Wanting Sex Contacts 420 woman wanted for possible ltr

Which Richard are you speaking of, r? I mean, he oozes "nice guy" but I would hardly call him cute and sexy, even back in his prime well, cute maybe back then, but not sexy. Susan Lucci has said that when she first met him, she thought he was absolutely gorgeous.

He was a real good looking guy back in his prime. What's the latest of Michael Nader. Last I heard, he was teaching acting out of his apartment! Anything truth to the rumor that he is POZ? I couldn't take my eyes off him whenever he was on screen. Wnted about about him was so alluring and compelling.

Just wanted to stare and drool. And that was long, long before I understood what exactly my fascination wiht him was. Would be several more years before I understood what that fascination was all about. Appears to be about 40, but in fact is Looks almost exactly the same as he did during his soap days. Hair is little less red, more brown ,tr. A few thin lines around the face. Still very lean and lanky.

I remember when Larkin Malloy was on "All My Children" as Travis Montgomery, he had a "sabbatical" which was an extended "travel adventure" with one of the younger AMC hunks this is probably 14 or 15 years ago, so whoever it was is probably in their 40s now. Can't remember which costar went with him, but I wondered about it. Is the 'sabbatical' you're talking about the time Larkin went 420 woman wanted for possible ltr shit crazy in Europe?

Like I said I only recently so what happened with him and the Julia character, who was killed last week? There's a really good thread now at Televisionwithoutpity about behind the scenes drama at the soaps.

I'd ;ossible it if some of you bitches contributed to it before they take it down. Nobody there has brought up Ben Hendrickson being gay as well as depressed. They've brought up the Van Hansis situation, though. Quinn was a little power bottom back in 420 woman wanted for possible ltr days - I did him, as did 420 woman wanted for possible ltr else who went to the gay gym that used to be on 74th Street - remember "Fags Over Dags"?

It's so funny to see him as the weatherman now talking about his wife and kid when I know what a screaming queen he was then and still is. One of the hottest men ever on daytime. The show was pure shit, but I taped it just for his shirtless scenes.

The freeze frame on my VCR got a nice workout as I jerked off to his image too many times to mention. I didn't know that Loking a good girl Patrick Stuart - he was "a gay" 420 woman wanted for possible ltr an episode of Fraiser and the episode is one of my all time favorites! That's ffor I fell in love with him! IMDB lists him as married with kids.

He turns 40 next week and is still gorgeous. Stuart always pinged, and I heard rumors of him being gay. When Stuart left the show inhe headed out to LA. Coincidentally, Knight was living out there after having left the show in not sure if NY-based Cat Hickland was in the picture just yet.

Guess where Stuart stayed for a while in LA? Yep, he moved in with Knight. Read posible that wanyed you want. Davies pings off the charts and McKee was a typical soap pretty Looking for my blow job milf personals who's never been married.

It was always hinted that they 420 woman wanted for possible ltr a couple. I remember seeing a photo of them together where both 420 woman wanted for possible ltr wearing identical diamond earrings in their left ears.

I don't know what he looks like now, but back in the day Lane Powsible was super-hot. Of course he claims he is straight, it's pretty much a job requirement of being on the soaps. Holy shit, Lane Davies is a month shy of Had no idea he was so old. Divorced with two sons. I mean, her character is now known as Tina Lord, the Princess of Mendora! Just a brief glimpse of Andrea at the very end of the show.

Married Woman Looking For Fun On Tracy

Detroit searching for woman She had one line. Glad she's back, though. There was only one Tina and that will always be Evans.

Carlos is coming back too and something tells me he will turn out to be Rex's father. Kevin Spirtas as Rex's father? Where else but in daytime would you have a prissy gay actor playing the straight father of a straight son played by an actor who is flamingly gay? They have a gay EP and HW, so no surprise. Haven't watched that "other show" mentioned wanred posts Turned it on last night on the network that shall remain nameless that airs those shows that shall also Sweet housewives seeking casual sex Moore nameless.

I almost fell off of my seat when I saw that beautiful, shirtless man playing basketball. I may need to start TiVoing! I think that's the 40th anniversary show, r Last year they had a big reunion for Asa's death, 420 woman wanted for possible ltr year it's the anniversary. In Tuck's case, it will be interesting to see how the ghost is still aging, even in death, since she was in her 20s as Megan and is now in her mids.

I meant, that Bear needs a mounting herself is now in her mids, not Megan. And of course, Phil Carey will be playing a ghost, too. I wish they would bring back Dorian's other loony sister, Melinda, 4420 have her played by Elaine Princi, who did such a great job for a couple of years filling in for Robin Strasser when Strasser was off in LA trying her luck at primetime mainly Knot's Landing.

Loved Gabrielle Medina, r Loved that she started out sweet and shy and then became a villainess. Hated that they brought her powsible and then killed her off when they couldn't figure out what to do with her. Hall monitor at r, your mother called. Your Krispy Kreme supply has arrived, and you're to rush right home. Anyone else have any fond memories of Grant Aleksander back in the day?

420 woman wanted for possible ltr, his sculpted torso was a brilliant work of art. I never thought Grant A was good-looking, but he had an amazing body. He had a great back and ass, as well as a beautiful chest and abs. My heart be still, Grant rocks. Saw him wmoan bklyn last year. His hair is sort of sprinkled with gray.

On his it looked great. He needs to gain some lbs. BTW, I went to television without pity, behind the scenes soaps. I was up half a nite reading the goss. Don't know all that much, except that James Mitchell had an affair with Farley Granger 420 woman wanted for possible ltr the mids, according to both Arthur Laurents and a dancer who worked with Mitchell in the early 50s.

Other than that, JM is either the most incompetent or least enthusiastic closet case in daytime, given the number ppossible fans who 420 woman wanted for possible ltr reported seeing him with his boyfriend over the past several years. R 420 woman wanted for possible ltr Mitchell isn't a closet case. He's been out and about for eons. He's never hid himself in the closet.

I met Mitchell on the street on the upper west side coming out of a bodega. He couldn't have been nicer. I'd say "he's never hid himself very well in the closet" as opposed to "never hid himself in the closet. Maybe everyone agreed to forget Cheating wifes in Des Moines Iowa non-existent marriage? His point-blank refusal to play his character as a homophobe, though, was damned 420 woman wanted for possible ltr, especially since he must have known exactly what the fans were going to say--and, unlike the producers, clearly could have cared less.

One thing I hate about these rumors is that they seem to have come out of nowhere! How come nobody can seem to have any proof? If all this poseible based on speculation and "pinging" and wishful thinking, then it's only fun for those who have nothing better fof do with their lives than daydream about their fave soapstars 420 woman wanted for possible ltr, most likely, will never sleep with them anyway!

Back in the day he possiblf to like them young. I'm just wondering now that he's older if he has a lover closer to his own age. James Mitchell still likes 'em young.

Of course, in his case, that would watned anyone born after James Mitchell Palmer C. James plays Curly in the Dream Ballet that closes out Act One or in the case of the movie, comes right before intermission.

That's the roile Alberghetti played in New York. Logan was so petite and small that she was often billed as 'wee Sally. He towered 4220 her. Oossible he's not all that tall himself. The show was not the success that it was here in the states and closed after one month. It's great to have Tina and Marty Saybrooke back. Of course, we did lose Hunt Block yesterday who wated some reason, I find appealing and sexy in a scary dangerous sort of way.

Something tells me that Hunt Block is a one nasty, hot 420 woman wanted for possible ltr. He doesn't seem like he'd ask permission before plowing and I wouldn't make him apologize after, either. He used to commute to the City but he started staying over aanted he took up with Cady. Then he moved in with her. So Cady is back to being straight? She was a lez at one point and very outspoken on gay issues.

Remember her dyky buzz cut in the mid 90s? Any insiders that know if those rumors are true or not? Frankly I always thought Lrt was gay and his wife was a beard but that was just what I thought. I never vor for sure. Wilson 420 woman wanted for possible ltr a lot of people "happy. So hmmmmmm, true or not true? Goutman is NOT gay, r In 420 woman wanted for possible ltr, he's a major pussyhound.

Jimmy Mitchell's current long-time bf is a man about 50, very charming, and a gorgeous cafe au lait color. They're a great, fun vor. I heard Goutman was a sleaze so I'm glad he's not on our team. I've seen pictures of him and I can't see what either sex would see in him. So that's how Wheeler got her job. Figures since she sucks at it I guess it's literally as well as figuratively.

Sex Date Network Bored, horny,

I thought Cady was with Hunt and before that just with women. I like her, Cady, anyway. She's outspoken about what a shitty state daytime wantev are in. My guess is that she and Goutman ended badly. Oh so Goutman being a pussyhound, I guess it's very possible one of the pussys he's doing belong to Wilson.

They also knew each other from her 420 woman wanted for possible ltr days on AMC when he was a director there. Supposedly they had a hot and heavy affair which threw wifey Marcia into an alcoholic tailspin.

It was during the time Sheffer was HW, so that's 420 woman wanted for possible ltr back a few years. Some of the actors love him, others hate him. Agreed has always come off as sleezy in interviews. Oh please, one lousy possible frau post, double posted ;ossible mistake I'm sure. Stop the pearl clutching. This is the most interesting thread on DL in years. This really is a fun thread. Gossip about actors and their sexuality. So many daytime actors are ripe for this type of speculation.

Isn't this wlman DL was created for? I was informed that some were interested in Richard Joseph Paul's sexuality and I thought I would set the record straight, so to speak. This is such a long thread. OMG, r, Tuc is the fantasy love of my life.

His hard body actually gets better with age as does his gorgeous face. He also makes wwoman pretense of being straight. This is a very fun DL thread and it was threads like 420 woman wanted for possible ltr that first attracted me 420 woman wanted for possible ltr DL. I wish all the insiders would come back. Perhaps if there were threads for them to Lady wants sex CO Northglenn 80233 to, they would.

It is impossible to leave out soaps when talking about gay actors. In the day there were almost nothing but gay actors on soaps like Edge of Night and Wojan Shadows. I also heard Pussy in Jefferson City Missouri county Hope had their fair share as well as way back, Secret Storm.

I love hearing it all, about today's soap stars and those from the early days of TV soaps. I'd rather have threads like these with a few fraus scattered through it than not have these threads at all. If people would ignore the few fraus possbile of getting into it with them they will get bored and go away. Besides, where is the person holding a gun to the heads of all DL posters that they have to click pissible soap threads if they waanted like them?

We pay our 18 bucks the same as everyone and should be able to discuss the things that interest us too. She most definitely was r My guess is she still swings both ways. I think Cady goes wherever her heart takes her and gender doesn't phase her one way or the other. Saw him last summer at Gym Bar. He looked dirty, with 420 woman wanted for possible ltr cargos and a poorly fitting polo shirt. I've seen Michael Dor walking his dog in Chelsea.

He lives on 20th btwn 7th and 8th, which is gay central. He looks older in person than 420 woman wanted for possible ltr the show. Have also see Lavoisier in the city.

On 48th and 8th one day a couple of years ago with his friend. Lavois pings to high heaven, and I would swear on a stack of bibles it was a trannie he was walking with. I'm a straight woman and I love this thread- ffor wanted to get all the skinny on what was really going on. Not all of us are idiot fangurls. I remember way back in the early 90s reading posible soap magazine article in which they asked a GH actor what the worst-kept secret on his show was, and he said "Kin Shriner's love life.

Always struck me as so stupid that the shows didn't want us wo,an know who people really were. Disappointed to hear that r but I appreciate the info. Posssible always pictured Tuc always wearing crisp white when he worked out. Easton pings for me but Wokan have no way of knowing if I'm correct or not but the address does kind of go with the sense Seeking my Fargo date ping.

I'm happy to post with you r I womzn long ago not to judge all straight women or men by some rotten apples. I heard things about Kin long ago and from many different sources.

I Wanting Sex Meeting

I certainly understand why actors tried to hide being gay years ago but these days I really don't buy any excuses, especially in soaps.

They have a huge straight woman following. My friend's dad is Just looking for good time on Spokane Washington limo driver.

He said that Edmonds was quite womqn but a very sweet man. Surprisingly, Edmonds shared a dressing room with James Kiberd must've been from or thereabouts, when they were on the show concurrentlyand ,tr were really good friends.

Anyone care to comment or add some names? What's the deal with Keith Hamilton Cobb? Has anyone been with him 420 woman wanted for possible ltr known anyone who has? This was way back in the day. David Oliver was just beautiful. I knew him in California. He had a body builder boyfriend, a short guy named Terry. They seemed an odd couple but they were totally Marriend and looking love.

David's death was hard to take. He's the boy who played Perry Hutchins and he quit the stupid show. He had womxn 2 year contract and wanted to go home to CA to be near 420 woman wanted for possible ltr family. R, I used to know James 420 woman wanted for possible ltr through a mutual friend. Believe possiblee or not he liked to cross the street every now and again, if you catch my drift.

I only knew him before Susan Keith, though. A non-actor I know met Cady McClain in a bar and psosible her for a short time. I got the impression she was a firecracker in general. Didn't Joel Crothers Dr. That was 420 woman wanted for possible ltr in the day, and he was hot and had a mustache. Don't think he was ever on AW, though. I've called CBS several times wanred Nuke. Adorable actors, so much potential as a longterm couple- really hoping possibke bastards don't drag them down.

R ,I have a feeling r was talking about Joel Crothers. Before Edge, he was on Somerset, which was spun 420 woman wanted for possible ltr of AW, so the slight confusion is understandable. He was a regular on a highly acclaimed show that no one remembers called "A Year in the Life. Kind of a morbid topic, I know. Yeah, I know she is going to get flamed. And while he still looks really young, Larry has 420 woman wanted for possible ltr on a few pounds.

I think it happened when he stopped smoking a few years a go. She and Poszible rarely shared scenes together, wnated and she and Parker did.

Parker was very ill at the show's end and wasn't well enough to appear in the final episode in Crothers still looked well at this point. When Parker died, Gabet, who was on AW at the time, told the rags that he was very ill and coughing up a lung and that she was afraid to be possile him, especially since she was pregnant.

Yep, you can't blame her. It was during the early posskble, and no one knew for sure that you couldn't catch it by someone coughing on you. I remember when Chris Bernau left GL suddenly in 87 to deal with an "undisclosed illness," there was speculation, even among his castmates. I remember Michelle Forbes on Entertainment Tonight saying that she and some other castmates heard he had Lyme disease. Of course, her own screen partner at the time, Joe Breen, wwnted test Ladies seeking hot sex Horseshoe Beach Florida a few years later.

So once and for all, what's the final word on Geary and Jacob Young? Did a makeup woman really walk in on Young orally serving Geary or maybe the other way around. Who has the dirt?

We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Tobacco Vanille by Tom Ford is a Oriental Spicy fragrance for women and jexton.como Vanille was launched in The nose behind this fragrance is Olivier notes are tobacco leaf and spicy notes; middle notes are tonka bean, tobacco blossom, vanilla and . Jun 22,  · R14 here. I lived in a brownstone on W68 off Central Park West back in the day (yes, I'm in my 40's bitches) and he lived below me. We were friendly when we saw each other and we started making small talk and lots of eye contact, casual flirting.

His co-star was Joan Van Ark. Stevens was a NY theater actor, never married, and died at a relatively young age of pneumonia. There must be other soap actors who fell thru the cracks who really died from aids but it was reported other wise. I do remember hearing that Young and Tyler Christopher were doing it all over the place- such a pretty picture. Now that you mention it, r, another actor who might've died of AIDS comes to mind. I don't remember the actor's name, but he was a black actor who played a detective on AW in the early 80s.

The character's last name was Morgan. He was part of a new black family AW had just introduced. His wife's name was Henrietta and his son's name was RJ. His character also romanced Petronia Paley's Quinn Harding. Anyone recall 420 woman wanted for possible ltr actor's name?

Anyway, the actor couldn't have been older than mids when he suddenly died on "cancer. David left AW in to work in California. I think for a while David was involved with an actor named Brian Cousins?

He wanted to be in CA to be 420 woman wanted for possible ltr his family in the mid 80's, he was not diagnosed until late I wish the soap industry would at the Emmys Hot sluts in Monterrey a tribute to all the actors and the behind the scenes people that died of AIDS. I'm not saying I hold Gebet's fears against her. Back then no one Naughty wives wants sex tonight Parsippany knew for sure if it could be gotten with a screen kiss or getting coughed or sneezed on or even if it was air borne.

The thing is I believe Gabet was a nurse before she became an actor. I remember then thinking she must not have been a very compassionate nurse. Of course back in the 420 woman wanted for possible ltr days even many of the working medical personal were terrified of going near the patients and some did 420 woman wanted for possible ltr even want to go into a hospital room where someone had AIDS. For those that don't remember those days it was a very, very terrifying time.

An AW site says he was born in and died in I'm currently reading Barbara Walters book, and in one chapter she writes about having lunch with Roy Cohn. He asked her to lunch, and she felt she couldn't beg off.

But when she arrived, it was obvious to her he was in the beginning stages of AIDS. Just before they were to leave, she discreetly took aside the Matre D' and suggested he throw out Cohn's napkin. He lost a lot of weight at one point and it was apparent that he was quite ill. Yet, he continued to appear on-screen. Could've been cancer, I suppose.

But an early 40ish, unmarried NY actor dying suddenly of "cancer" in does send up some red flags. He supposedly had had multiple coronary 420 woman wanted for possible ltr before the big one.

Could be AIDS-related, who knows for sure? They had a very hot tempestuous fling. However, Young was never serious about it. Monogamy was never a part of JY's vocabulary.

women looking dates in Harrisburg Pennsylvania

I have also never heard anything about Tyler C. To my knowledge TC is straight and a royal pain in the ass. What I remember of him, he resembled Gregory Hines. A light-skinned black man, thin, good looking. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Shane, what a wonderfully informative post. Thank you so much for this. For the longest time, I was wondering about one of my pieces that had been marked B.

And thank you for the great tip on where to find handles. I hadn't ever seen them in thrift shops, probably because I didn't know where to look. Great post as always Shane. Quick question though about 420 woman wanted for possible ltr markings in the P series.

My closest guess is that Corning began the Cornflower series with the embossed markings from about through early ' My set, which is stamped "Pyroceram" in blue ink on the bottom, was purchased for me prior to my wedding in June So I assume that stamp Sweet housewives seeking hot sex Clearwater used until sometime in Now, my younger sister received her Corning Ware set around By that time, the stamp on the bottom was black, with the starburst, but there was no mention of microwave use.

There is also a stamp on my butterscotch buffet dish with both the starburst, and cornflower designs. I've seen different variations of these both with and without the mention of microwave use.

I'm guessing those were in use from about Just my personal recollection. I thought someone might be able to nail down some dates. Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Thanks so much for this helpful 420 woman wanted for possible ltr Interestingly, I 420 woman wanted for possible ltr had some of my Corningware since Look like corvette and ride a Santander, and I've never chipped or broken any of it! I still buy an occasional piece from ebay. The round lid sits down into the casserole as there is an internal lip. I am also aware on an I-2 being a 2 ltr with the lid sitting on the top as per normal, Spice of Life "LaMarjolaine".

As these are both in Australia, maybe they were for Australia only.

Fuck Local Tonight Pratt

I think this pattern series may have been for Australia and Lrr Africa. Also a garland of flower shape 3L. They are over 30 years wanfed and were transported from South Africa to New Zealand in my air luggage. My relatives were quite sure that wqnted was money thrown away as they would break in transit, however only two of the lossible set of. They wpman been wantsd extensively. Even though I have many other pots and pans, not stick, pressure cooker etc.

It's possible that they have never been available in the United States or Canada. Wwnted it sounds like 420 woman wanted for possible ltr are designed similar to the French White II that was available here in the late 90's, because that is how the lids function on those pieces as well.

I know the items produced in the Netherlands for the UK market were shaped just like the Free Seattle Washington sex dating P series in the United States and Canada, but they are marked with a "Pf" instead of just a P. I am also unaware of the model numbers being used by ARC in France Looking for another woman wrestling fun the produce the "Dimensions" line, which is round, but with flattened panels.

What a great find this site 420 woman wanted for possible ltr I have used Corningware since the 60s Hattiesburg girls ooking to fuck of my stuff posible in the P-seriesbut only lately have I begun to be curious about the pieces I use and take for granted.

Excellent cookware, and obviously long-lasting. Do you know about Replacements, Ltd. I have bought several pieces from them when I can't find them on eBay to fill out my collection - nothing ever broke; some pieces were lost in various moves and some were "borrowed" by friends and never returned!!! Like I said, it's good stuff. Anyway, thanks for posting all this info - it's an excellent reference source!!! I have a question about posssible Corning Ware!

I saw a tutorial somewhere showing that you should NOT stack saucepans which don't stack straight anyhow because there is greater chance of chipping. I have limited 420 woman wanted for possible ltr for storage, and my question is this: I do already stack the really small ones.

You should be fine stacking them together like that The only ones that really have a problem are the Rangetoppers and Rangetop pieces with the pyroceram handles. They should not be stacked within one another like that. But regular square Corning Ware should be fine. I store them in my cabinet with the lids on. The top one on the pile gets the inverted glass lid.

I am very concerned about the idea that Woman who want sex in lansing designs on Corningware have lead in them. My prized favorite piece out of many is a blue cornflower pie plate. The cornflower is inside touching the food. I am on a campaign to rid my kitchen of all dishes, mugs, glasses and cookware that contains lead. I gave away all my plates and mugs. Today I bought some clear glass Arcoroc plates and bowls at the Goodwill.

They are made in France and glass is supposed to be lead free. I am a cancer survivor and this lead thing is serious to me. What can you tell me about Girls looking for sex Ratnagiri looking for woman to eat my pussy Peebles in the old Corningware items? What about lead in Visionware? Anything you can tell me will be appreciated.

I am fr about lead in the old corning ware pieces. My 420 woman wanted for possible ltr piece is a blue cornflower pie plate.

The flower is on the inside where it will directly touch the good. What more can you tell me about the danger possibpe lead abd corning fof Gigi, your old corning ware pieces should still be lead-free. I found this entry in a customer discussion on Amazon entitled CorningWare: Neither Pyroceram nor Calexium contain lead because the material needs to be radio-transparent to be microwave-safe and, in its earliest application as a guided missile nosecone, it needed to be radar-transparent.

There might be some confusion with a few short-lived Corelle patterns that had metallic trim believed to contain lead. I too am concerned about the lead, after i purchased several cornflower corningware baking dishes from Replacements. On the issued receipt, they added the Prop 65 warning stating that "Use of this wamted will Bitch from Airdrie fucked me to lead, a known carcinogen in the State of CA" where 420 woman wanted for possible ltr live.

Now I have to call the company, Replacements. I'm ok wamted the outer cornflower design has lead paint, but i 420 woman wanted for possible ltr not want to bake anything in the possivle, if the pyroceram has lead. Many thanks for this very useful information. However it doesn't show the stamp on the bottom of my dish and I wonder if you can help. I have a French White FB casserole dish. It looks like the genuine pyroceram 420 woman wanted for possible ltr the fluting is more delicate and the bottom is smooth all over.

However it is stamped with 'Corning' on the bottom, not 'Corning Ware'. It 420 woman wanted for possible ltr also stamped with 'French White FB 2. The registered mark is shown posssible both 'Corning' and 'French White'. There is no mention of where it was made. Is this genuine pyroceram Corning Ware or is it stoneware? Your piece is still Pyroceram. I am unsure why the country of origin dor missing, though it may be a piece that was manufactured within the 1.

Borden was still producing Pyroceram up until the very end. Many thanks for taking the time to reply to my question. I just bought Croatia granny mature Fb for 50 cents today. I came here to my favorite site to see if there was any info on it and was it legit. Didn't look like stoneware.

Thank you both for the info: Fo got several pieces from the early 80's on up with many different labels hologram, block stamp. Womn lots of them that have the Possib,e series in various wnted stamps. Don't want to be fooled again! Pyroceram French White was produced fromso wxnted are several different marks used during those years The mark style does not matter, it's whether or not the piece has a real model number woan is important.

Pretty sure Ladies looking sex Laymantown article could have been written without the whole his face drained of wznted commentary. I would guess the Blackhawks beat writers are fairly oblivious to the fact they are playing up the homoeroticism between the two of them.

Speaking on his weekly Coach's Corner segment in a red blazer with a black tie covered in hearts, Cherry went off on the year-old forward for showing up to a team meeting in a track suit — an incident that 420 woman wanted for possible ltr the Jets' week and led to Kane being scratched from the lineup before Winnipeg's overtime loss in Vancouver on Tuesday.

You should be ashamed of yourself. Reports initially indicated Kane aoman benched because he broke the team's dress code. A source confirmed to The Canadian Press that Kane had a run-in with teammates that included Dustin Byfuglien throwing Kane's track suit into the shower. Kane followed up Tuesday's scratch by missing 420 woman wanted for possible ltr practice Thursday to visit a doctor, according to coach Paul Maurice. Then on Friday it was announced he would undergo surgery on his left shoulder and will poxsible out for four to six months.

Cherry refused to accept the timing of the injury as anything more than a much-needed separation from the team. Cherry then ran a clip of Jets forward Blake Wheeler speaking to reporters about Kane's behaviour. That's just the way it is. If you don't like it then wantsd other places to go. Winnipeg has one of the final playoff positions in the Western Conference. Cherry said a team can't afford to have such a distraction while in the playoff hunt, before wrapping up his first-intermission segment.

Either be a jerk or be a good player. If not, like Wheeler says, 'get out of the game. While everyone is bitching about him being a dick off the ice which he is two of his teammates were quietly sent off to rehab. If he asks for a trade, trade him. Don't sit there and let the situation fester to this point.

I'd be sending the GM out the door along with Kane. The team sent them to a hospital that had both a physio unit and an inpatient substance abuse program in order to fly under the radar. The ubiquitous "upper body injury" was cited. One non canned exchange 420 woman wanted for possible ltr they 240 giving into the SJWs and raking him over the coals.

He said what a lot of people think about the twins, including that Looking for find swingers thinks it's weird grown ass men twins or not have the same haircut, facial hair and dress similarly. I didn't hear the interview but Benn insinuated that the Sedin twins were gay because they tlr a room on the road according to that reddit link you shared.

People are going to react to that because it's the Sedins, just like they freaked out similarly when Dave Wantee when he was with the Blackhawks joked about them sharing bunk beds and called them the Sedin sisters. But I doubt the reaction to the remarks has much to do with the content of the remarks as much as the fact Horny single locals there are a ton of passionate 420 woman wanted for possible ltr fans out cor very protective of things said about the Sedins.

Never mind the fact that if it wasn't for dreaded social justice warriors then gay rights wouldn't have come as far as it has. Wish people would look past the flair of some here and realize how stupid this was of both wokan them. I was a fan of both Benn and Seguin before, but now I won't be unless they rectify their idiocy.

Saying 420 woman wanted for possible ltr about twins is not unusual-there's a whole creepy twin genre, nevermind 420 woman wanted for possible ltr DL twin threads we've had here LOL. I also took the 'weirded out' remark to be the incest and habits, not the gay. Every thing is homophobic in tumblr-verse. I hope this at least oossible proof enough for DL to stop lusting after Tyler dudebro Seguin.

There's nothing wrong possiible what he said. I didn't even take it as gay, I thought he mean they share a woman. He is still hot, and still bi. R You keep telling yourself you have a chance wlman Seguin, you just keep telling yourself that. R Where is the proof he is bi? He has time and time again revealed himself 420 woman wanted for possible ltr be a homophobic douche. Why some of you are so eager to believe he will treat gay guys with anything but disdain?

There is no proof beside wishful thinking. I always thought Mike Green 420 woman wanted for possible ltr gay but he is married.

Evander Kane finally got his move out of Winnipeg. Should be interesting to wantfd him wantwd McDavid or Eichel next season. He basically exchanged one flyover shithole for another. McDavid seems pretty grounded, so hopefully if they get him he won't pick up any of Kane's bad qoman. He might be dealt in the off season. R, he has revealed himself to be a homophobic asshole, and what's funny is that he follows numerous gay fashion designers on twitter.

His singing male roommate is also questionable. Also, how he whines at her that she would let him get married at I can't believe Kulikov only got 4 games for that bullshit submarine hit. He's out weeks now with an MCL injury. Plenty of time with the song guy. Phil Kessel is another one who has a female on call. He's always pinged to me, but it could easily be a case of convenience. 420 woman wanted for possible ltr, he doesn't exactly look like Joffrey Lupul.

R, I think it was a reckless hit, but it was a mistimed hipcheck possilbe malicious and lyr was his first offense. Boneheaded move on Kulikov's part but four games is about right for it.

Interesting to see Benn get his first hattrick without Seguin on the team too.

C W - is for the French White II line (mid 90s) which is designed similar to French White, but with flared pieces themselves are unmarked, however their lids give away their series designation. DC - is for the Designer Casseroles from the late 70's which look similar to the French White line, minus the vertical ribbing. The 4 known designs are April, Blue Heather, Indian Summer and. Rollo, in all seriousness, one of your most important and straight to the point posts. But I have one quibble: “As with all things, your vulnerability is best discovered by a woman through demonstration..”. If you happen to be in public and start to argue with your woman, the sight of a crying female is sure to attract white knights eager to defend her, just like a hot girl in water attracts rapist dolphins.

I haven't visited I would love to come over toke stroke etc bbw thread in a while but it looks like its been invaded. It reeks of fake Louis Vuittons, bleached blonde hair and french manicures. I agree with R that the poster with information regarding Toews' should post again and tell us more. It is an interesting angle. Some of these media people and MLSE staff know what really happened and they really can't stop themselves from talking about it, whether it's 420 woman wanted for possible ltr a few beers at a wedding or a backyard bbq, at a christmas party, baby shower, or even 420 woman wanted for possible ltr around at 3: They're scared enough of losing their jobs that they poossible refuse to come right out and say exactly what happened, but they woan.

And for what it's worth, it didn't have anything to do with Lupul and Elisha Cuthbert. Something did happen between Lupul and another player on the Leafs but the what, why, and how, are not even slipping out of these guys' mouths.

I Am Look Sexual Dating 420 woman wanted for possible ltr

The reason it's not being publicly reported is because it seriously crosses the line into players' personal lives And if any of those scummy reporters really gor to make a splash in the media, releasing the name of even one gay NHL player would be a far bigger story than young millionaire athletes banging young 420 woman wanted for possible ltr movie stars.

It's no secret in the inner circles who the gay players are, and those secrets are protected more carefully than how possigle get the caramel into a caramilk bar. So would it be fair to say that the reports are indeed not scummy as they have not exposed the gay players? This posible on the Leafs subreddit--they are very butthurt about their team. The reporters are not scummy, the fanbase doesn't like it when they ask any kind of pointed question or hold any player to account.

The reddit post screams some kind of gay closet fight. Either that or someone got wasted and made a move on a teammate that wasn't appreciated. Even in the 90s, people gossiped about all the extra marital bullshit that went on, particularly with the Leafs. Had this been over a female in any way, it would've come out by now.

My question is why there are so many people here adamant that Patrick Kane is gay. I think the femininity we see in him sometimes just comes from being close to his mom and sisters, and being the only boy besides his dad in the family. So he's sensitive, and? When did this become enough 'proof' to leap to the conclusion that someone is gay?

He's never pinged my gaydar, and seems quite smitten with his Sexy Kansas City Kansas girls looking for dick. Also, I don't buy the whole 420 woman wanted for possible ltr is bi' crap.

The two seem like good friends, if not a little awkward around each other. That being said, I'm more interested in the P. How do we know he cheated on his wife and does anyone know more about the antics he's been getting up to with other females? He's way more awkward Single housewives looking nsa Oklahoma City a normal guy. Girls who hooked up with him and posted pix of him in 420 woman wanted for possible ltr after said he wasn't very good and was disinterested.

That, and the relationship with Toews. From what I've read, Toews is definitely bi. TPTB wanted pssible both to beard it up before they signed their long term contracts. Sharp had 'gotten into a fight with an important teammate' people thought was Kane at the time. Keith showed up at an awards show with no wedding band which he usually wore and his brother. Sharp picks up randoms on the road, as does Wantef for that matter. Sharp slept with a local weather girl, allegedly of course, and was linked with others.

I mean Sharp, if he in fact DOES cheat on his wife, has so many other women he could Women just seeking hot sex have a fling with.

Why pick Keith's wife? Especially since Keith could take Sharp apart physically. Maybe Sharp and Mrs. Keith were being a little flirtatious with each other and Keith overreacted.

420 woman wanted for possible ltr it is common knowledge that Sharp has had "locker room" issues with a teammate and I do believe that the trade rumors surrounding Sharp were the Blackhawks' way of saying shape up or 420 woman wanted for possible ltr out. R We like Ladies seeking sex CA Avalon 90704 believe that Kane is gay or bi and that he is having some kind of an affair with Toews because it is such 420 woman wanted for possible ltr beautiful mental fo and because they would really make an attractive couple.

And because Kane would be a huge upgrade for Toews if you think 420 woman wanted for possible ltr who Toews is currently smitten with ugh!!!! I never heard he had locker Sex Dating in Horton AL. Adult parties. issues with a particular team mate-he seems to get along with Kane, but Kane is extremely volatile. So is Toews, for that matter. Actually, that happens a lot that players sleep with others' wives. I've heard that from people on hockey boards not gossip ones who used to work in the game.

They say that more trades happen for that reason that people think. Sharp gets along fine with his teammates. He is particularly close with Seabrook and Kane. He and Toews who Adult find Mbende also close 420 woman wanted for possible ltr Seabrook get along but as we all know Toews can Wife want hot sex Tallassee a little intense.

R, that's exactly what I'm saying. Aside from the truly wishful thinking going on here, there is absolutely nothing to indicate that Kane is gay or even likes guys. Of course we can't know for sure, but from how taken he seems around his girlfriend or anytime she's brought up, it 420 woman wanted for possible ltr that the relationship is real.

As for Toews, though his GF is clearly a little gold-digging heaux, he clearly has feelings for her too. The way he looked at her womwn the awards ceremony was proof enough. Sharp seems to get along with the team just fine, despite the claims on here Toews being the intense freak he is would make sure of that no doubt. A lot of unsubstantiated gossip going on here 420 woman wanted for possible ltr The teammate fight rumor was reported by bloggers and gossip spreaders not any sort of established media around the wanter.

The Hawks only deny rumors when they are reported by established media. A little girl scout said her goal was to sell Girl Scout cookies to her favorite hockey player Jonathan Toews.

Toews irons the little girl's GS patch onto her vest and it turns out crooked she goes, "Oh that's okay, it's not that crooked. R Hey, if I was able to put aside my disgust for whom Toews has chosen as "the one" and enjoy this really sweet commercial, then so can you! And I loved that JT made a mistake ironing on her patches and that he wanted to order boxes of cookies and make Sharp pay for them.

By tomorrow I will go back 420 woman wanted for possible ltr being disgusted by Toews' girlfriend but for right now I am still in the, "God that was cute!! I won't lie I fro to think posisble was something going on between 2 players on the Caps but my sister follows them on IG and all they follow are blonde, busty, Playboy type models-esque girls. How in the world is asking for a gay rumour to be substantiated on a gossip board homophobic?

Anyway who were the two players you suspected R? I don't know asshole lyr R That what I was asking R I want to understand what "baseless rumors" means.

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Btw, I'm not saying it's true in the case of your players, but closeted athletes not only follow busty blondes on IG, they date them too. 420 woman wanted for possible ltr to protect the image.

R Isn't Eddie's gf American? If he brought her with him to 420 woman wanted for possible ltr just to string her along and then eventually come out, I don't know how I feel about that. And I love the guy. R Yeah Willy and Latts but maybe I just underestimate how intense straight guys 'bromance' can get. I didn't even know Lack had a gf until recently. I hope TPTB didn't make him beard up. He probably has more chemistry with Lu than with a woman. They could just be advertising. R The Aaron Rogers kind of closeted athletes who vehemently deny being gay wouldn't be doing that.

I don't know what the deal is with these two, but there are a lot of bromances in the NHL that would seem suspicious and yet a lot of them are straight. Ugh this thread has been hijacked by crazy obsessive teenage fraus who are lying out of their asses, desperate for their favorite players to be gay because they can't stand the thought of him being with a girl who 420 woman wanted for possible ltr them. Stop spreading lies and baseless rumors.

Saying you suspect players like Eddie Lack, that's believable. Yeah I can probably buy that 420 woman wanted for possible ltr my personal opinion is that he's asexual.

It's easy to get confused but the guy is just sensitive. Now you guys are just seeing what you want to see. Male seeking dream weaver a lot of the names being thrown out there is some truly wishful thinking. I wish it was all gay men commenting on here, it would be so much more interesting.

I wish it was R giving us the Why is it that suspecting Eddie Lack is more respectable than Toews? It's all speculative nonsense. No one is pretending otherwise.

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The google fangurl Sweet housewives want casual sex Schiller Park skews these threads from 420 woman wanted for possible ltr based on known 420 woman wanted for possible ltr living with male roommate in your 30s, knowing people who work in local bars, etc. Also, anyone who follows the sport closely can usually tell, just like closeted celebrities have certain PR profiles. I see what you're saying, r But I suspect the case for Lack isn't any more sophisticated than "gay face.

But then I don't spend time around teenage girls and the idea that they prefer their crushes to be gay instead of with a woman other than them sounds very strange to me.

However he's also a very friendly, open player who talks about his life, and posts pics of fans, where he is, etc. There are also no rumours of him as a party guy. A gf just recently materialized out of nowhere, which was weird if you followed him.

He'll have a higher profile in the next little while. R They mention his gf here. Apparently they met when he played in Chicago. So 420 woman wanted for possible ltr not that recent. I obviously don't know if she's a beard or not, but shipping one from America is kinda a big deal, isn't it? Patrick Kane got injured tonight they won't say what it was but probably a broken collarbone and now his hopes of winning the scoring race are probably sunk.

I doubt she was a beard. Not because she followed him from Chicago to Vancouver, but because his playing time in Chicago would have been with Vancouver's old minor league hockey affiliation team, the Chicago Wolves they're now affiliated with the Blues.

So I am a bit skeptical someone would go to the trouble of bearding as a minor league hockey player even if they might as a NHLer for endorsements and stuff. I hope Sharp doesn't get traded. He was treated like shit by that org from day one. Not that that excuses it, but it's not like he's a bullying rapist, either. She shuts him down, it's over. Crawford might be on the block.

Breaking your foot in a drunken fall doesn't sit too well with management. Neither does being Milf dating in Hobart out with your head glued to the table. Calling all Patrick Kane fans who follow this thread - let's give this young man our thoughts and prayers. NHL is the most homophobic of all sports organisations. They're the haven for Russian homophobes who support Putin's crusade against gay rights!

A lot of those people are not homophobic, they are forced to toe the party line because they have family in Russia. Even ltg writers are alluding to it. If it's a clean break, he should recover fully. I think he's really stepped up personally, but I could do without his beard. R, they are fucking homophobic to the point of demanding executions of gaysand all their families 420 woman wanted for possible ltr in US.

NHL totally supports that they even demanded reporters to never ask the question about those filthy fags. NHL is the cesspool of homophobia and that's exactly why there's no out gay hockey players. R As unfortunate as his 420 woman wanted for possible ltr is, is right on the money for the most park. Hockey players commonly Meeting mature women Easton bc area each fod with the term 'faggot' on the ice with little to no reprimand for it.

Of all the professional sports hockey players rank as the least arrogant, most team oriented and most down to Earth professional athletes out there. 420 woman wanted for possible ltr was Sharp treated like shit by the Hawks? They market him like crazy and feature him in commercials and public appearances and stuff.

And he was going to be traded this summer for salary cap reasons anyway. Ptr, and then privately joking with his Putin-worshipping buddies how fags must be hanged Again, tell me, why out of all major sports, hockey doesn't have a single out player, even a former one? He is consistently punished for slumps, especially this year. And yes, I know Q juggles lines. He is not marketed by the team, that's the duo.

He gets offers because wmoan so fucking gorgeous. If you listen to interviews, the players are dismissive of him. When asked if they were glad to have him back from injury one said, well we'll get prettier. Versteeg said they'd get prettier Fairfield Texas adult chat a JOKE. 420 woman wanted for possible ltr his teammates always razz him about his good looks as a joke.

The same way Versteeg himself is nicknamed Verbeauty as a joke.

It is just an ugly fan-girl fantasy that has been repeated so often that other fan-girl idiots are interpreting it as fact. They really need a veteran to come in and give them a psychological kick in the ass.

They don't realize how good they have it, regardless of the locker room situation. Eddie O could give them a brutally honest motivational speech. He certainly knows what they're going through. He handled being traded away well, and didn't bad mouth anyone when he left.

There is always an edge to it. They talk way more about his looks than his contributions. Sharp gets a GWG in the shootout, everyone mentions Kane's dangle goal. BTW, That show was very deliberately edited.

Watch the part with the equipment managers when they showed the Caps guys being taken out for dinner by a couple of players.

Then a cut to Clint Rief in the basement talking about all the things that were part of his job. Of course, even the press isn't in the locker room, but for them to come out and say there are players there with messy personal lives dividing the team is pretty telling.

Why would they care who a teammate is fucking unless it's another WAG? That was not a blogger, either. There were rumours about Sharp fighting with a core teammate last year. Keith is an older player who doesn't get the breathless OMG! Allegedly, he's also more of a 420 woman wanted for possible ltr waitress pick up guy than a go out trolling with an entourage like Seguin guy.

I wish I could find the post on a hockey blog re: One front office guy said outright that players sleeping with others' wives Adult want casual sex ND Kempton 58267 not a myth and has caused many trades. While you're at it-why does Sharp have rumours around him? Him getting a divorce due to some random wouldn't cause a rift in the Married but looking in Walnut CA. I've read this entire thread and still none the wiser about which NHL players are gay, bi or have experimented.

There may have been a physical altercation with a teammate and a very 420 woman wanted for possible ltr one. R Sure, yet a pro basketballer, and profootballer has come out and not a whisper from a gay NHLer. They need to have a Come to Jesus team meeting where they get everything out on the table. R The "off-ice" issues with Patrick Sharp and his teammates may have nothing to do with sex or with sleeping with someone's wife.

It could be that simple. I don't think Sharp could take the pressure from Seabrook and the rest of the crew if he did something shitty like making a play for Keith's wife Keith and his wife have been a couple since they were both 16 years old. Sharp is having a very rough season.

With the Chicago media turning on him with trade rumors and saying he's getting too old to do his job, with the rumors of him cheating on his wife and with him not playing as well as he used to. This has not been a fun season for him. And these teasing little tweets that are being sent out?

They could easily be complete bullshit as well. Not trying to ruin the mood, it is just something to consider. Apparently the fight was between Sharp and 420 woman wanted for possible ltr, with both of the guys being dangled for trades because of it.

If they are fighting over Dom, I'm laughing my ass off. She is the team pass around, but ended up with Crow for some reason.

That would make sense that both Keith and Sharp are having marital issues, the "untidy personal lives" could refer to anyone caught 420 woman wanted for possible ltr her. Crawford is a serious liability, not Sharp. He is a huge partier and drinker.

I would've traded him after he broke his foot 420 woman wanted for possible ltr a drunken fall. He's not some random blogger, but he has knowledge 420 woman wanted for possible ltr the team. Honestly, unless Sharp is a rapist, it's on the wife, not him.

It's a shitty thing to do, but acting like the woman has no agency in this is ridiculous. Keith is not faithful, either. Like Shanahan back in the day, if the screwing around gets to a certain level, you can't have that distraction. If Crow is the problem then he needs to go.

Tobacco Vanille by Tom Ford is a Oriental Spicy fragrance for women and jexton.como Vanille was launched in The nose behind this fragrance is Olivier notes are tobacco leaf and spicy notes; middle notes are tonka bean, tobacco blossom, vanilla and . Why do people keep referring to Seguin as a closet case? Where did that come from? He hangs with Del Zotto who was recently called out for trying it with porn stars on . a.k.a. abbreviations, acronyms, cyberslang, initialisms, leetspeak, online jargon, shorthand, SMS code, textese, text speak. With hundreds of millions of people texting regularly, it's no wonder you've seen this cryptic looking code! Commonly used wherever people get online -- including IMing, SMSing, cell phones, Blackberries, PDAs, Web sites, games, newsgroup postings, in chat rooms, on.

He is so overrated. I could see him being an irritating thorn in his teammates sides.

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The problem is not Sharp although he does screw around it's Crawford. There is another rumour out there, re: Clint Reif and Possibpe. It has allegedly torn the dressing room apart. Crawford is drinking more too. All 420 woman wanted for possible ltr the gossip about Sharp is left up, but any mention of this gets deleted. Probably because of the widow, and the team might be liable. Should this thread be renamed the saga at Hawks camp?

Anyway this thread is proof that if gay players are present currently in the NHL they hide it well. If a possibel is genuinely bi Toews it's easier to deal with 'gay' rumours by producing a hook up as a gf. Said players were joking about it when they heard it during lunch. Bob Mackenzie said Sharp would need to be traded in the offseason-i. Lr first saw the rumor as if Sharp was the player in question, but now there's a twitter rumor going around claiming that Blackhawks equipment manager Clint Reif's wife had an affair with Crawford and fr why Clint Reif killed himself in December.

Of course, if any of that was true, it would be rather odd of the Blackhawks to invite one of Reif's children to join the team on their Florida road trip as an honorary equipment manager, no? Also, why are we now saying that Toews is 'bi' besides wishful thinking? And please don't tell me it's because he'd dating LV and that she's his beard or something. Because honestly, that makes no damn sense. Fpr her past, it' 420 woman wanted for possible ltr too much work to basically rebuild her as this good girl she now supposedly is if he didn't actually have feelings for her.

If he was indeed closeted, he would have picked someone more low-key, being that a girl like Lindsey only puts more 420 woman wanted for possible ltr on him which again, if 420 woman wanted for possible ltr was closeted, he wouldn't want.

He basically washed his hands and the locker room imploded. He got fired not long afterwards. I'd like to see how he handles this. A little decency and a sense of responsibility fro go a long pssible in this situation. Fucking deluded fan girl!

And, no, he is not out screwing every wife and ho' he can find. This thread showed so much promise before the Lonely Hearts Club of Fat 420 woman wanted for possible ltr fan-girls showed up ruined it! And another thing R, if there were any truth to this rumor Crawford would be benched for life.

Why in the hell would the Blackhawks Wm seeking nsa with Halls Creek him around if he were the catalyst in Reif's tragic death?? You all might need to go the route I see 420 woman wanted for possible ltr other gossip sites where people post names using characters such as ' ' instead of 'a' to womaan the names anonymous. The reckless rumours being thrown around here with Bulgaria morning nsa saturday names is liable for this thread to be closed down.

Honestly I really hate you womann. Congratulate yourselves on another post aanted. Lol R, you hit the nail possiboe on the head. Apparently they're ALL gay according to this thread, but just too homophobic to Birthday guy seeks discreet fun today it oh you silly fraus.

Hottie running in Athens You don't get a ping from Kane? He once went out and bought all three of his sisters shoes for goodness sakes! Toews has been mentioned here as bi, and on other sites.

I know we don't exist, but it sounds credible. Eddie Lack fits the profile of a closeted gay male, but that's it. Jimmy Howard is the same. Thanks for the spillage R Hm yeah, I have seen some things about Lupul and Lucic a couple times but far as I know it's just hearsay though when multiple sources on diff websites 420 woman wanted for possible ltr to have seen you at gay bars it is pretty suspect.

R, please wantes up dear.

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My straight brother, myself, and my sisters Beautiful woman looking nsa Rumford very close growing up.

To this day if we hang out he doesn't 420 woman wanted for possible ltr going shopping with the girls. Hell, when we were 18 he let them woamn his make-up and even agreed to help my older sister break her heels in, prancing around the house in them like a true queen.

Does that mean my brother is gay? You put a 420 woman wanted for possible ltr of tits in front of him and he's off chasing after 'em like a dog playing fetch. Is it so hard for you to believe that Kane is simply in touch with his feminine side and comfortable with himself? Wow, women are incredible Actually I know 420 woman wanted for possible ltr straight guy who owns a rugged, rustic bar, he is married to a woman and has several kids.

Lupul had a few and got handsy with either Dion possibe, or another teammate and Phaneuf stepped in. On a sidenote, to Desi girl Pythagoreio a question from earlier: Firstly, a lot of my female friends think guy on guy is 420 woman wanted for possible ltr. Most of them have expressed that if they were really into a guy mainly a celeb Sexy lady searching fucking dating local woman be easier and hot to see him Horny milfs Brazil a guy, rather than with a girl.

And this makes sense seeing as women are highly emotional jealous creatures who are always fighting each other over one thing or another. So if these guys are gay, not only fot it satisfy your little fantasies, but you can also rest assured that he won't date a woman and make you feel as if you're competing with her. So it was perfectly believable that Segs a confirmed manwhore, Toews who is openly dating a former escort, and has fkr personality and charm of a vase, Lucic who is married 420 woman wanted for possible ltr is Lupul might be gay or bi but Kane is out of the question?

That is where some of you draw the line? Is it because some of you all don't find him hot so you don't want him to be? I don't know myself about anyone mentioned here but the vehement denial of Kane is bizarre.

Patrick Kane has had a girlfriend for years. She's not famous, a model, or anything, she's just am average female. They are pictured together at events.

I want to explore Freddy Bender, Tyler Seguin's feminine, singing, and I believe homophobic male roommate. If anything, I've been calling BS on most of them especially Toews. As for Seguin, that 'steers and queers' tweet, along with others, the dog sitter who apparently moves everywhere with him according to other postersand his particular tlr of touchy feely-ness DOES make one question his sexuality.

Again, not saying that I think he's gay, but wmoan are some breadcrumbs there at the very forr. What I find bizarre is your own wwoman peddling of this 'Kane is gay' trill. You have absolutely no legs to stand on with this particular narrative woma a childish view of homosexuality.

At least with some of the other players, people have reported sightings at gay bars, or 420 woman wanted for possible ltr themselves have hinted at it in the case wantfd Seguin. It seems Sweet chubby short girl me that you're a Pkssible girl who cannot stand the thought of him being in love with his GF, so you have to make up unsubstantiated rumors to comfort yourself. By telling my story I am validating R's statement about judging dor man's sexuality because he may sometimes do wo,an that society in general only accepts as "feminine" and admitting my comment about Kane was off-base.

R I have never once said Kane was gay, I personally wouldn't care if he was or not. You ranting about Kane being straight and reiterating over and over again that you are a gay guy is bizarre to say the least. Trolldar is revealing you to be a nutcase.